30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 19

Friday, October 29, 2010
Day 19: Something You Miss

Well, being a parent there are those typical things like sleeping late, sleeping all night, being able to pick up and go out whenever you want, having no cares or worries b/c you aren't responsible for anyone but yourself...but to have those things back would mean not having my babies and well...then I just don't miss those things!
I do miss traveling, though. We go on vacations a lot now, but they are short weekend trips or sometimes week long trips (and I do love every minute of them!!!). I used to travel internationally a lot. I have family in Switzerland & Egypt - I've gone on vacation with friends to Spain & spent spring break my senior year of college in Italy. For now my kids are too young for that kind of travel really - I do want to take them places, but I'd like them to remember the trips, too! I want them to be cultured and see what the rest of the world is like!! So hopefully - this is something we'll get to do again one day as a family.

Yesterday I said I regretted that I hadn't lived abroad while I was single - as much as I would hate to be separated like that from my kids - when they are older I want them to have that desire, too. The world is a big place - I want them to know all about it!

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