30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 17

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Day 17: Something You're Looking Forward To

Yesterday I wrote about our fantastic neighbors & that we try to plan a yearly get-away for all of us...as soon as we came home from our last little get-away together we immediately starting thinking about what we were going to do next year...

We threw around ideas for a while then the idea of renting a beach house came up - turns out a friend of my neighbor's owns a beach house that she rents out & it will more than accommodate our whole group!! Her mother has actually rented it during the summer for the last few years and we've decided that's what we're doing next year. We've already booked it for the Spring!! It's a 5 bedroom beach house that will sleep 18 (there's 14 of us) with its own private pier! I am so looking forward to relaxing at this beach house!!

I found a few pictures online:
 Look at that porch - won't it be awesome to sit out there in the morning & drink coffee!?!?
 And the kids are going to love sitting up to the island to eat on bar stools - I love all that space. With so many people the kitchen can easily get crowded!
I can see myself spending a lot of time here!
This is a shot from the water - you can see the higher deck from the previous picture as well as the pier down below - the kids will love fishing off that pier!
And this is just another view looking back at the house from the deck!

Ahhhh...can you say relaxing!!!

(link up at Katie's blog - and Katie you're doing such a terrific job hosting this blog challenge! I love it!)