30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 16

Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Day 16: My Dream House

Any dream house that I can dream up has to meet one general criteria - it has to be able to fit exactly where I live right now!!! I never want to move. 

When we built our home no one lived on our street. There were empty lots & half built homes so we had no real way of knowing much about our neighbors b/c we didn't have any. Well, the Lord truly blessed us b/c we live on the best street - we have the greatest neighbors. 

The two houses on either side of us have quickly become our best friends. One already had two girls when they moved it, but then we all had babies together so we now have 5 little ones all within a couple years of one another - they'll grow up being best friends & the old kids are also now our babysitters as well as friends. We go on family vacations together and have get togethers all the time.  Actually, we have all said that we'll be neighbors at least until our kiddos graduate b/c we don't plan to separate them! 

Besides these two families the rest of the street is pretty great, too. We have friendly neighbors all up and down the street & a lot of kiddos - we actually have a brand new little girl at the end of the street & I'm sure she'll be out playing with our kids when she is older!!

BUT - if I could pick up my house & replace it with another house here are a couple of things I would love to have:

First I would love to have a kitchen big enough for an island. I have a galley kitchen now (and it's slowly being remodeled), but I cannot really incorporate an island into my kitchen space. I do love my kitchen and the changes we're making, but an island would be so awesome along with a low bar to eat at (I grew up with a low bar & miss it). We have a high bar now, like a lot of homes do and since we've redone our counter tops it is a lot bigger - but a bar like these two and an island would make my kitchen the perfect kitchen!!

The next thing on my list would be a bigger laundry room. Mine is a tight fit now and all we have in there is the washer, dryer & upright freezer. I have shelves (not enough), but would love some counter spaces for folding & ironing (not that I ever really iron!!) and a little extra storage. So far I haven't paid much attention to our laundry room as far as making it nicer, but that's a project for "some day", too! And even a window would be great - so I don't feel like I'm stuck in a closet when I'm folding clothes - I hate doing laundry as it is and it's much worse when I am cramped in a little room!

Other than those two things and maybe a little more square footage in the bedrooms I love my house! We have a great open layout & an awesome game room (that one day my kids will actually play in so I can have my dining room back)! We have also recently moved our fence up in our back yard so we have a lot bigger back yard now, which is great with two little ones.

Honestly, I think my dream home is wherever my family & I are happy - and we are so happy where we are! The cosmetic stuff is simply that - cosmetic! Now, don't get me wrong I still dream of a bigger kitchen & laundry room (and probably always will) and I plan to update where & when I can! LOL! And who wouldn't love a home that could make the cover of Better Homes & Gardens or Southern Living - but if I have to move to get that then it'll never happen b/c we couldn't find a better spot to live!

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