Sunday, October 24, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: A Picture You Love

It's no surprise that the picture I chose for today is a picture with one or both of my children in it. I've taken literally thousands & thousands of pictures in my lifetime and since December 3rd, 2006 most of those are of my offspring. I do take other pictures and yes, I have favorites among those.

I look at pictures like these

Cup of Joe?


Another jellyfish

Tiny Fair

Horseshoe Hinge

Wagon Wheel

and there isn't a single person in them (well, okay the little people at the fair) and I think, "Hey I like this picture..." These pictures will make me smile.

BUT to pick a picture that I love - now that's different. That's a picture that makes my heart jump and that without a doubt is this picture:
I don't know what it really is about this picture - I mean I think it's a good picture, but it isn't the very best picture I've ever taken of Emma - but it's in her expression. We were out in the woods riding ATV's and it was cold - so she has that little pink nose and cheeks and is all bundled so cute in that hat - you can see the red blanket she's cuddled in - riding on mine or her daddy's lap I am sure. It's everything - it's remembering the day and the fun we had and her complete faith and trust in us to take care of her in an element she had no control over. It's those big brown eyes staring back at me and her knowing that I love her unconditionally. It is everything about this picture that I love. It's my firstborn. My daughter. It's the love that cannot be explained that is brought out when I look at this picture - every time I look at this picture.

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