30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 11

Thursday, October 21, 2010
Day 11: Favorite TV Shows

Let me start by saying that I have a love/hate relationship with my DVR. If it were not for my DVR I would not get to watch anything on TV anymore - whether it's b/c I don't have the time when it's on or b/c kids (that includes Michael) are making so much noise that I have to continue to pause and wait for them to finish or rewind b/c I missed what was said - my DVR enables me to keep up with what's on! BUT on the other hand, I miss being able to talk about my TV shows with friends the next day b/c everyone now has DVR so no one watches shows on the same day. If you try to talk about what happened last night with someone they say, "Wait - it's on DVR - I haven't seen it yet!" 
That being said - here are my top 32,469 shows (just kidding) that I like to watch in no particular order!

 Grey's Anatomy - thank you ABC for finally adjusting the music for this series - usually it's so loud you can understand the dialogue!!!

How I Met Your Mother & Big Bang Theory are hilarious. I have to say I do love Sheldon on Big Bang Theory!! "Penny? Penny?"

 Criminal Minds - I would watch this show even if Shemar Moore wasn't in it...probably!
 Law & Order: SVU - this show has got to rank up there with my all time faves like Friends. I LOVE this show & have seen every episode! (Actually all the shows I'm posting about I've seen every episode - hey, they're good)
Actually, my boss turned me on to this show!

 Parenthood - This show is fantastic! Hearing that opening song gets me excited b/c I like this show so much!

(I'm noticing a trend with CBS here - way to go CBS - great shows!)
Dirty Jobs - there are quite a few shows actually on TDC that we watch, but I think this is one of my favorites. I like Mike Rowe - he's hilarious! Even though Deadliest Catch was also a great show on its own, part of the reason I liked it was b/c Rowe narrated it! Kinda bummed it is over b/c it was a good show.

So, that's a run down of some of my favorite shows...there are a few reality shows we watch, too. The one we're consistent with is American Idol.
Though - I don't like the middle part so much. I love the auditions - they are hilarious...and then at the end when it gets serious. Don't get me wrong, I do watch it all the way through - but all the middle stuff takes too long for me! After auditions I just like to get to the top 12!! 

So, would we be TV buddies!?!? :)

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