Top 2 Tuesday "Accomplishments"

Monday, September 13, 2010
Top 2 things you want to accomplish before the end of the year

1. I would love to get a good laundry routine down. I'm TERRIBLE at keeping up with the laundry. I also try to get ahead so it won't be so overwhelming, but some how time just gets away from me and the laundry is what ends up taking the back seat. Then I end up with a basket of clean laundry and I live out of the basket instead of getting clothes from my closet - so what happens? It gets rumpled and I have to iron it or stick it in the dryer to get the wrinkles out. I don't mind doing the laundry at all - it's just the putting up part I hate and when I don't have that time it's the thing that I push to the side...I need organizing help for my laundry and a good routine that I will stick with!! 
2. I want to reach my half-way goal for my weight loss. My goal is to lose 70lbs by the time Aaron's first birthday rolls around. As of over a week ago I've lost about 24 (I haven't weighed this week) so I only have 10 more pounds to go until I reach the half-way point of 35lbs!! I originally wanted to lose it by our anniversary, which is October 2nd, but I don't think I'll be able to lose it that quickly (really don't want to anyway, b/c it never stays off when you lose it too fast). I think by year end I'll definitely at least reach 35lbs, though - our Christmas work party is another good reason to reach at least 35lbs (or more really) b/c I would love to get a pretty new dress a couple sizes smaller, too!! Hee Hee! I've been very proud of myself with my progress so far really. I'm doing Weight Watchers and have to say that it really does work when you follow the plan correctly and it becomes a way of life so you really aren't on a diet - you just learn to be smart and eat right.

I have a lot more confidence that I'll accomplish goal #2, but the first one - well, I don't know about that one!! How do you manage laundry (or whatever your worst chore is) when you just do not have the time to get it all in???? All feedback is greatly appreciated - I need the help!! :)