High & Low Thursday

Thursday, September 30, 2010

WOW! This week really got away from me! I mean, it's already Thursday - how did that happen?? It's just been that busy I guess. I still have pictures on my camera from the weekend that I haven't even been able to look at yet. Maybe tonight...

Last night we got to Skype with our good friends that moved to Denver - I got a virtual tour of their new home & Emma got to talk to her friend! He sang her his song he made up about her, "My girl Emma, She is a Gemma!!" (Hey - they are 3!!) He told Emma she was his gf, too!! It was so cute! It's hard to lose good friends, but I think they're coming back for a visit next month and hopefully soon (once they are totally settled) we can make a trip to Colorado, too and visit them. I think that was definitely our HIGH for this week! We chatted for so long I was late getting dinner started. Dinner was good too - we had pork loin chops & Emma's favorite - couscous! I make couscous all the time now instead of rice or pasta. I still use rice sometimes for recipes and well, "noonles" are Emma's favorite so we still cook pasta, too. But couscous is my every day go-to starch! It's yummy & way fewer WW points!

I think my LOW for this week was dishing out $400 to buy two new tires. Ouch! Our tire caught a box blade somehow over the weekend and I had to take it over on Monday at lunch to get it replaced. We had a 2nd tire that had a slow leak so I asked them to look at it and fix it if they could or replace it if they couldn't. Of course, they couldn't fix it so we had to replace that one, too - it had not only a nail in it, but a screw, too!! I think we were lucky we didn't have an accident. 

So...what was your High & Low for the week?

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