High & Low Thursday

Thursday, September 02, 2010

I am so sleepy this morning...I went to bed with such a headache yesterday and today I just feel drained. I have a lot I want to write about - my nephew's wedding over the weekend & our trip to Cleburne, Texas; Aaron's 6 month checkup; the continuation of my kitchen make-over - just to name a few. But I have a lot of other stuff I want to DO now that I'll have to write about later, too!!

So, my HIGH for the week is that we have ordered all new kitchen appliances!! YAY! We could have had some of them this week, but others couldn't come till closer to the week of the 13th, so we've decided to just have them all delivered on the same day. We figured it would be easier to just have everything in a mess all on one day instead of spreading it out over the next two weeks. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Instead of describing them all now, I'll wait till they finally arrive and are all in place and have an "unveiling post" with pictures. That will be more fun anyway, right??

And my LOW for the week is Aaron's 6 month check up. This past week Aaron's eyes have had a little bit of drainage - really, just a tiny amount and only in the mornings. Well, yesterday morning his left eye (which has not had much drainage) was all red and swollen. I was thankful at least it happened on the morning of his checkup so his pediatrician would be able to see it. She immediately knew what it was (no, not pink eye thankfully) - she gave it a name, but basically it's a skin infection just on his eyelid. She said it wasn't serious now, but didn't want it to spread into his eyeball and very worst case scenario but highly unlikely would be that it get into his brain. So...we did not get his immunization shots, but instead he got a shot of antibiotic and a prescription for an oral antibiotic to take. She also told me to give him Benadryl  every 4-6 hours and come back Friday morning. At that time if everything looks good she'll give him his immunization shots. I'm actually a little bit glad he has to be on antibiotics right now (although typically I really don't like giving my kids meds until absolutely necessary) b/c everyone around me right now seems to have a cough and a sniff going on - at least this way I know he shouldn't get anything else, right??

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