High & Low Friday Edition

Friday, September 17, 2010

I wasn't able to get my High & Low for the week posted on Thursday like I usually do...so this week we're playing on Friday! How did your week wrap up???

I'll start with my LOW for the week. I told you before that we are redoing our kitchen - a little piece at a time. First we did the granite & got a new awesome sink (I love this sink!!) and the second step was the new appliances. Well, Monday the new fridge & built in microwave were delivered and installed, but the new range was delayed until October 1st. Well, yesterday I got a call that it was delayed until October 8th!!!! Grrrr... so my kitchen is going to be mismatched for a few weeks now. I knew it would be for a little while b/c we haven't replaced the dishwasher yet (we're actually going to get that this weekend, though), but now it's going to be even longer that it all doesn't match. 

I was so bummed when I found out...but that brought me to my HIGH for the week, too. To make up for the delay (it was a nation wide delay from Kenmore & Frigidaire) I got a call that they were going to upgrade my new range at no extra cost! WooHoo for good customer service! I still won't be able to get it any sooner, but it was nice...very nice...of them to compensate me for the inconvenience! Good customer service is what keeps me loyal to certain places...if I feel like I get treated badly by an establishment it's rare that I'll ever go back to them and definitely do not recommend them to friends - I'm more likely to ward off everyone to the place b/c the service is shoddy!! So...that being said I'll just let you know that it was Sears that gave me such great treatment! I was considering going elsewhere for the rest of the appliances, but now I'll definitely stick with Sears!

So - please grab my button & share your High & Low for the week with everyone!!