Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010
I'm 33 today - can ya believe it!?!?! It's awesome, though. I'm also shocked when I say my age out lout - I don't feel like I'm in my 30's! But don't they say 30's are the new 20's!?!? Ha ha!

I had a great b'day weekend, too - thanks to my wonderful hubby!! Friday night we went out to dinner (not a b'day dinner, just a dinner out with the kids) and he surprised me with my b'day present & balloons - Emma loved the balloons of course!! I've wanted a new P&S for a while to carry around with me (I ALWAYS have a camera with me) and I've been looking at a particular one for quite a while...I put it on my Amazon wish list, too and I think that's where he found out which one I wanted b/c I hadn't told him. It's the Canon SD1400 & it's a pretty awesome P&S camera - and so small, too! Of course the first thing Emma said was that she could now have my old one - LOL!! She is definitely my little photographer!

Saturday morning Michael went in to work for a while and when we came home we had to clean out the garage to make room for our old fridge - we bought new appliances and we've decided to keep the old fridge to store drinks & such in the garage. It was great, too b/c we culled out a lot of things in the garage that needed to go!!! Then after we went over to my parents' house - they kept the kiddos while we went out to dinner & a movie. Emma told everyone we had a date - it was so cute! We actually planned to spend the night there b/c I didn't know how late we would be and didn't want to have the kids up too late and I also didn't want mother to have to be up in the middle of the night with Aaron if he decided he didn't want to sleep. He was an angel, though & slept all night!! Which I think is b/c the tooth on top that has been trying to come through came in!

The entire weekend was fun & relaxing (except for the part about cleaning out the garage, but I am so glad to get it done) and this morning Michael sent me a text not to take anything out for dinner tonight b/c we're going out for dinner as a family since today is my actual b'day. I have an awesome hubby!! I'm actually going to work from home this afternoon, though b/c our appliances are being delivered today - great b'day present - well, all but the new range. I got a call last night that there was a manufacturer delay and now I won't get that piece until October 1st!!! My kitchen is going to be all mismatched for a while - so no parties till it all looks complete!! It's going to look so great, though and I'm excited about finally getting a nice fridge and a gas stove - I've wanted a gas range for a long time.

Since I woke up this morning my phone has been blowing up with texts & messages from friends on FB, Twitter and just texting me to say Happy Birthday!!! I feel so very blessed to have so many great people in my life and such a great family to share it all with! THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!