Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday "Biggest Indulgences"

I think my biggest indulgence is Photos - I love to take pictures, print pictures, frame pictures, do fun things in PS with pictures, buy camera gear and software, research new things about photography...and well, you get the point! (Hey - the topic is indulgences!!)

I think my second indulgences is pampering - I don't get to do it very often so this will include massages (even if I only get to sneak in a 15 minute chair massage on Massage Thursdays at work), a mani/pedi or going to get my hair did!! I try to get my hair cut at least once a quarter (hey, I'm an accountant so my time tables are based on quarters mostly) and I so love my hairdresser! She does an amazing job and I trust her so much that sometimes I just sit down and say, "Do what you will with me!!" Ha ha! (The shampoo is my favorite part!) 

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  1. I love photos as well, I just take so, so many, and then don't really know what to do with them! I need to start printing them out and making albums!! And a girl always needs her pampering :)


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