Thankful Thursday

Thursday, August 12, 2010
Today I am thankful for the gracious help I've had this week from my mother. Monday afternoon my babysitter's sister passed away - it was something expected and one of those situations where she is in a better place. It was still a sad time, though. So, for the next couple of days my babysitter would be out of town.

I am so thankful my mother is able to help out in times like this - she came over Monday night & has been staying with us to keep the kids during the day while Michael & I went to work. Emma & Aaron loved it & of course Teta loved spending the time with the kids. It was great to get up in the mornings & have coffee with my mom, too. They don't live far (about 30 minutes), but I would love to have my parents live close enough that I could stop by for a cup of coffee in the mornings before work - Michael isn't a morning person & I love getting up early to drink coffee while it's quiet & still dark out! I'm going to miss that b/c she went home today and I took the kids back to the sitter's house since she is back in town now.

Thanks so much Mom!! I love you bunches!