kids are good! They are really good!

Monday, August 30, 2010
Yesterday we went out to dinner - Michael, me & our babies - and throughout dinner I was telling Emma, "Inside voice, Sit still, use your fork" all the typical stuff you gotta tell an almost 4-year old (owww...really??). And all the while thinking who are my kids disturbing?? So, towards the end of our meal another couple gets up to leave and while walking by the husband leans over to me and tells me how delightful our children are - that they have been a joy to watch he and his wife thought!! WOW!!! I think that's one of the best compliments I could ever receive about my children! I've always said I didn't want my kids to be the ones that people run from - I never wanted anyone to say, "Oh great - here comes Emma & Aaron!" - guess we are doing something right, though after all.

No one gives you a guidebook to Parenthood - sure everyone has advice and will tell you what you should be doing - but in the end it's really about what works for you & your kids. At any baby shower I go to if they ask you to write advice on a card for the mommy-to-be I always write..."Ask for advice from those who have been there before you, Listen to everything they say and keep it in mind, but in the end remember it's your family and your child and you have to do what works best & feels right for you..."

So, I was on a Mommy-High all evening!!!

The rest of our weekend was great, too. We went out of town this weekend for my nephew's wedding & didn't get back into town until Sunday afternoon. When we got back we still had errands to run and went out for dinner (b/c cooking wasn't on the agenda) so all my pictures are still on my camera. Plus Emma walked around shooting so many pics with my little point & shoot camera (while I used my DSLR) that she ran the battery down - I have to make a folder just for her pics - it's neat to see things from her point of view!! LOL - and a few of them are pretty interesting! Hopefully I will have those all edited to share tomorrow!

***Oh, I forgot to mention***
Last week when I picked up Emma from school one day her teacher and I talked for a while - she told me that Emma was so good in her class. She said Emma got a "Sunshine Report" for good behavior and got to stand up in front of the class to receive it and everyone clapped for her. She also got to go into the treasure chest TWICE for being good and for being a good helper and got two prizes!!! She told me that Emma was a joy to have in her classroom and she played very well with all her friends. Her teacher also said that Emma was very good with her phonics already and was very impressed with how well she wrote her name all on her own!! Such a proud moment for this mommy!!!