Lesson I've Learned About Photography

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When I'm taking pictures I just snap and snap and snap and snap - and rarely do I look & delete pictures as I go. Soooo...when I get back to my computer and pull up my pics in Lightroom I have tons and tons to edit!

I take so many pics that sometimes just the thought of sitting & editing would make me tired before I even started - two things have helped me overcome this!

1) Lightroom baby!!! I take all my pictures in RAW format so basically each one has to be edited or at least touched before I can share with everyone. When using Lightroom, though I can edit one picture and copy and paste the changes to as many pictures as I want. So, if I take a ton of pictures of the kids in the same setting then the same changes can apply to all! Edit one manually and just paste those changes right away to the tons of others! LOVE YOU LR!

2) LET. THEM. GO!! Yeah - I was the one who thought every. single. picture. that I snapped of my children had to be saved. It was as if I thought by deleting a picture of them I was losing a part of their childhood - like giving away their coming home outfit from the hospital or something. Yeah - I'm a little sentimental like that!! Well, I had to make myself get over the fear of deleting their pictures and instead of editing and keeping all two dozen pictures of the same pose I just look at all my pics, select the 2-5 of my favorite ones from a group, edit & save those and move on to the next set!!

These two tips made life so much easier and made me not fear taking tons of pictures b/c I knew I wouldn't spend days editing them after all was said and done! Makes it much easier when printing pics or choosing a picture for a digital scrapbook, too b/c my choices are narrowed down some for me as opposed to going back and forth over pictures that are basically the same shot!

So - are you a mommy photographer? What are your tips for better photography experiences??