High & Low Thursday Edition

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Morning everyone...it's Thursday - only one more day in the work week! I'm ready for this weekend. My nephew is getting married this weekend & after this weekend we have zero plans - my calendar is empty!!!! I'm so excited! We have had something going on every single weekend this summer and I am really looking forward to not having anything planned ahead (though next weekend is a long weekend & we did talk about going out of town - I'll be excited if we do that!)...

So, my High & Low for the week...

My HIGH would have to be that I'm wearing pants today that I couldn't fit into two weeks ago!! I mentioned before that I have joined WW & have been working out with Michael and it's paying off! I have recently been able to wear about 4 pair of nice dress pants that I could not even pull up when I came back to work after maternity leave...such an exciting feeling to walk into my closet, pick out my poor, forgotten about pants and pull them up without any effort! No wiggling into them - no walking in front of the mirror a million times asking if I could get away with wearing them - they fit with room to spare!! Definitely a high for me!

My LOW would be that I think my nursing days are coming to an end. I'm still nursing Aaron at home some, but during the day I'm no longer pumping to take to the baby sitter. Right now I'm only nursing him just before he goes to bed and if he wakes up in the middle of the night (which thankfully hasn't been happening as much), but at work when I go downstairs to pump nothing is happening. I'm happy that I made it six months, though. I only made it about half that long with Emma. I just really wanted to make it a full year this time at least and not have to worry with formula - just put him straight on cow's milk. So, it's a little sad for me this week coming to terms that my days are numbered. I still have enough milk frozen to last a while longer at the baby sitter's and am glad I can still nurse him at least once or twice a day in the evening or early morning, but it's still hard to admit that it's almost over. It was sad when I had to quit nursing Emma so early, too.

Not nursing also means my daily points allowed on WW goes down, too...maybe the up side will be that I'll drop the weight a litter faster than I have been. I wasn't one of those women that nursing just took the weight off...I think that's a myth!!!

So...what's your High & Low for the week? Take my button & post it on your site - then leave a comment with a link back to your post so we can all share in your Highs & Lows!!