Thursday, August 19, 2010

High & Low Thursday Edition

Thursday is a great day for Highs & Lows b/c there is enough of the week behind you to really know the good & bad of the week plus Fridays are just bombarded with weekly memes already! LOL!!

Right off I know this week's High is that baby Justin was born yesterday!! My niece, Hailey, delivered at 5am yesterday morning - he was 8lbs and about a week and a half early. I think Hailey was starting to have a few complications so they decided it was safest to deliver Justin a little early. They are both doing great now, though. I can't wait to see him. Sunday we had a Sprinkle (not quite a shower since this is her 3rd baby) and now that he has arrived he'll be the guest of honor Sunday!!

It's hard to think of my Low for this week (that means it's been a good week)...but I guess I would have to say it is I didn't get to drive up to see my Grannie on her b'day. We had plans that day already and weren't able to make it, but I called her and Emma & I sang Happy Birthday to her on the phone!! She liked that! I really hope after August is over we'll be able to spend some time up there with her!

Take my button - play along - and be sure to leave a comment so we can read your Highs & Lows!

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