Hard to say Good-bye the second time...

Monday, August 09, 2010
This weekend was bittersweet - we had some great friends come into town this weekend & Sunday afternoon we all got together to hang out. It was a blast. The kids swam & played forever and we grilled and I even made a b'day cake.

The day Aaron was born the Mahan's came to the hospital to visit - left for lunch - then came back again to let us know they were moving to Denver. Andrew had accepted a position with a company there & they would be moving in less than two weeks. While I wanted to be happy for their new adventure, it was sad to tell them goodbye. We had a going away party for them just before they left and it was so hard to tell them goodbye - there were lots of tears.

Well, this weekend we got to see them again and it was so great - Gus, their almost-three-year-old has grown so much and he even had a song for Emma. "My gal Emma, She is a Gemma"!!! It was so cute - Nicole calls Emma her daughter-in-law, though I informed her I couldn't live that far away from my daughter so they were just going to have to eventually move back to Texas!! LOL!

We actually got to see Nicole Saturday as well b/c she came down to help with Kadie's baby shower. But we planned to spend the whole day with everyone Sunday before they had to go back to Denver. The kids all picked up as if they still saw one another every single day! It was awesome - they even fought like they saw one another every single day! Ha Ha! We didn't cry this time, though when we had to tell them goodbye, but it was still very sad b/c I know it will be a while before we get to visit again. We talk on Skype so the kids get to see one another on the computers which they love!

So, I think it's easy to say our LOW for the weekend was saying goodbye a second time to the Mahan's, but our HI was getting to see them & see all the kids together again!!