Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Frozen Goodness

Our neighbor brought over some frozen treats a couple weeks ago...she had frozen grapes & berries. They were so yummy!!! We buy grapes all the time. I mean ALL the time...but sometimes they get put in the bottom of the crisper and by the time we get to the last few grapes they are kinda icky - the skin is wrinkly and well, I don't need to get into details - just ick!

Sooo...I thought this was a fantastic idea for all the grapes we buy!! So, Sunday when we went to the grocery store I bought a big bag of grapes, brought them home & washed them, pulled them all off the vines & put them into a gallon size freezer bag. Now, for a treat I just grab us a bowl, put in a handful of the grapes (you can run them under the water once to knock off the frost...if you want) and we're ready to snack! Emma loves them and my grapes don't go bad!!! And on WW a cup of the frozen grapes is only 1 point! I only bought the red grapes this time, but next time I'll mix the red & green. I'd like to do this with berries, too. Emma loves blueberries.

We did have a few strawberries in the fridge so this time I threw those in, too. I preferred the grapes, but Michael liked the strawberries better & so did Aaron!!! Yes - we let him try one. Michael was holding Aaron while munching on the strawberry & asked if he could lick the strawberry (Michael asked - not Aaron).

Since Aaron is teething I figured the frozen strawberry would feel great on his gums, not to mention taste yummy, too. And since it was frozen he couldn't break off a piece - Michael just had to hold tight to it and when it really started to thaw we had to take it away from him b/c I didn't want a piece to break off in his mouth. This is the first fruit he has tried...well, with the exception of prunes - boy has problems going to the bathroom!! He loved it, though & cried when we took it away. I guess I need to get him a teething pacifier now to mash fruit in for him - I had one for Emma, but she didn't care for it too much. Maybe Aaron will!

Here are a few pics of his first strawberry experience!!
That first bite was a little shocking - tart & frozen - resulting in this funny face!!
 But he soon go into it...
And then we couldn't get him to let go of it!!

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  1. First, I have to tell you, Aaron has such beautiful eyes! But I'm sure you already knew that, haha. ;)
    When I was pregnant with Kinley, I LOVED frozen grapes- 1.because they are yummy. 2.because they kept me cooled down on those hot summer days. 3.because they were healthier for me than a big bowl of icecream, lol! I remember crying one night because I woke up to go snack on some and found out Trey had eaten the last of them...He ended up have to make a midnight shopping trip to Walmart to get more, LOL!
    I think I'll go pick up some grapes today!


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