Emma's First Day of "School"

Monday, August 23, 2010

No, she isn't really in school-school yet, but today was Emma's first day not going to the baby sitter & going to a day care - she'll be in their pre-school program next year, though. She was so, so excited - she jumped out of the car this morning & was running to the door!! Then when we got into the classroom she took off - looking around at everything & taking it all in! I had to ask her to come back & tell me bye!! Her friend Carlton is in her class, but he wasn't there when we dropped her off. I was afraid she would cry b/c she didn't know anyone, but it didn't phase her at all. She was talking to everyone! We saw a couple other friends, too - they are in a class in front & behind her, though but they'll see one another in passing I'm sure.

Now I on the other hand...I bawled my little eyes out when I got to the parking lot. I still had Aaron with me (he is going to stay with the babysitter a while longer) and he must have thought Mommy lost it!! LOL! I told Michael & my mother if I'm this bad now I can't imaging what it'll be like when she goes to Kindergarten!

Here are a few pics of my big girl!!

My mother bought her some new school clothes, too so she had to model those yesterday & her new backpack we bought her & Mother made her a pillow for her nap time with her name on it!

See? It says Ëmma"!

These pictures are from this morning!
 She was dancing with excitement! HA HA!