Dinner & A Movie & A Birthday Party!

Monday, August 02, 2010
That, plus a migraine, sums up our weekend! I was off Friday afternoon so before picking up the kiddos I had a nice lunch out then enjoyed a wonderful pedicure. It had been forever since I had had one & it was so relaxing! My toes are all pretty now!! :)

Friday night we had a date night. It was great to have an adults only dinner outside the house. We had a great steak and yummy drinks and then went to Orange Leaf for dessert. It's my new favorite dessert spot!! We also rented Bounty Hunter - I loved it! It was hilarious!! I love GB!!

Saturday we ran around most of the day - we went shopping & ran a few errands. We had little Meghan's first b'day party that evening & I still needed to get her birthday present. Nothing like waiting till the last minute! HA! (Hello - my name is Hanna and I'm a procrastinator!) Picked up a few things for myself, too - found a new pair of shorts & a top that I really like! I never buy new clothes for myself - I really need to update my wardrobe.

The birthday party that evening was a lot of fun - after I left the house, though I realized I left my camera at home. Can you believe that?? I couldn't either. The kids all had a blast - the party was outside & at first I was worried about the weather. I thought we were going to melt, but it was actually pretty nice weather. It was cool under the trees and we had big fans so it was breezy and they kept the mosquitoes away, too. I think Meghan had a good first b'day!

Yesterday was pretty low key - I only left the house once to go to church. By the mid afternoon, though I had a terrible migraine. I spent the rest of the day laying down. Michael took Emma to the store & Aaron & I had a nap - when they came back Emma climbed in bed with us and went to sleep, too - and she didn't wake up till this morning!! Michael grilled for dinner & by the time it was ready I was at least feeling human again so I got up and ate - then took a long hot bath. Aaron went to bed early, too so Michael and I had some time to just sit around & chill together - watch a little TV and just veg! Of course, Aaron was up at 11 and then once more in the middle of the night - I felt like I was awake all night, so this morning I'm dragging a bit. I think it's going to be a quiet week, though so that's good - maybe it'll go by fast! I'm ready for next weekend already - we have some great friends coming into town & we're so anxious to see them!! We have a baby shower Saturday & then Sunday it's just all of us hanging out. I can't wait!