Cool Tool - Watching my baby girl on the web!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Okay - so this is going to get me in trouble!!! Since moving to her new school, Emma is now viewable to me all day via webcam! I have to make myself not check in on her every minute - Ha ha! She always looks like she is having a great time, though. In this picture they must have been singing a song or something b/c they were marching around in a circle and doing all kinds of hand movements together.

The area just inside and to the right and left of the door is a blind spot and there must be a station she plays at in one of those areas b/c whenever they are in groups playing at different stations sometimes I lose her for about ten minutes at a time. Yesterday I kept checking and was like - what the heck!?! Where's my baby?? Ha ha! The little boy in the green/black striped shirt is her friend Carlton - I thought they would be one another's shadow in class, but when they go play in centers they are usually in different ones. I don't know if the teacher tells them which center to go to or if they just choose different ones or what.

So, yesterday was her first day like I said & they sent homework! She has a page to do every day and we did two last night. She wanted to do the rest, but I had to tell her to save them so we would have something to do tonight. My little overachiever!! :) I also have some homework b/c I need to find a family picture for her - I think I'll use this one from Easter. We only have a couple with all four of us. The other one we're all in the pool - I could use that one - what do you think? You can't really see our faces as well in that one, though. I'm always the one taking pictures so I'm never in any of them. I need to get my friend to take some new family shots of us this fall.