Cool Tool for Tuesday

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
For those of you who have a pet you must get one of these!!!!
Our little Sable, while adorable is starting to shed...a lot!! I love having her in the house, but I hate fighting the dog hair. We swiffer, sweep & vacuum daily it feels like and I can't get it all! And with Aaron being a lot more mobile these days he is scooting on the floor and teething so his little fingers are usually wet from chewing on them - I CANNOT have that dog hair all over the place like that.

So, I asked my neighbor what they use for their two labs and she told me about the FURminator! I've bought brushes before for my pets with shedding issues, but none have worked like this little baby!! And Sable actually seemed to enjoy the attention and the grooming. I got so much hair off of her last night, it was hard to believe! And after her coat looked so nice & shiny!! She didn't get a bath last night, but it said to use it after each bath so from now one this is going to be part of our daily routine & added to her bath routine!