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Top 2 Tuesday "Favorite US Cities"

Favorite world-wide city I think would be an easier answer for me, to be honest - Barcelona, hands-down Barcelona!! Best trip I ever took! But trying to pick my favorite city in the US proves to be a harder choice...thing is while I love to travel, I also love to be home! I love the city I live in and I love to visit the city I grew up in. I have had some great trips in the US, though. Coast to coast I've had a great time in both NY & LA - closer to home I San Antonio & Austin (many trips there) - college towns are soooo much fun, though those "fun days" are in the past! Hee hee! 
So, to choose now I think I would have to say that I love Houston - it's home now even though I didn't grow up here. We have so much in Houston - arts, sports, NASA, little-bit-of-country & little-bit-of-city...I can't say I like the weather & the traffic, but if you're a Houstonian that's something you'll learn to live with!

For my 2nd choice I think I…

I have found a new vice!

Typically I do not like sweet coffee - typically I drink my coffee black - no sugar, no cream. I like dark roast, strong coffee, too. I do like an iced coffee from time to time, but I still don't get it sweetened, only with a little cream sometimes. Well, I found this at Starbucks yesterday and love it! LOVE IT! It is slightly sweetened, but it isn't too sweet really so I like it. One cool thing is I can just mix it in a water bottle and pour half over ice and save the rest for later if I want. Since it is lightly sweetened it has 100 calories per packet - which is 2 points for WW - another good reason to drink half and save the rest for later. It's an awesome 1 point refreshment and great source of caffeine for us addicts out there! I've bought water bottle mix-ins before, but this one beats all the others hands down! kids are good! They are really good!

Yesterday we went out to dinner - Michael, me & our babies - and throughout dinner I was telling Emma, "Inside voice, Sit still, use your fork" all the typical stuff you gotta tell an almost 4-year old (owww...really??). And all the while thinking who are my kids disturbing?? So, towards the end of our meal another couple gets up to leave and while walking by the husband leans over to me and tells me how delightful our children are - that they have been a joy to watch he and his wife thought!! WOW!!! I think that's one of the best compliments I could ever receive about my children! I've always said I didn't want my kids to be the ones that people run from - I never wanted anyone to say, "Oh great - here comes Emma & Aaron!" - guess we are doing something right, though after all.

No one gives you a guidebook to Parenthood - sure everyone has advice and will tell you what you should be doing - but in the end it's really about what works for yo…

I Heart Faces: Week 35 - Photojournalism

Friday Fives - Random Questions

This weeks Friday Five is Random Questions! The Questions are...

1. Something you are OCD about... I think my husband would agree that I am OCD about the way things get put up - to him as long as it's in a drawer or behind a closed door it's put up! Ha ha! He is a neat freak, but it's more "out of sight, out of mind" philosophy! Me, though - if something doesn't have a proper place I may let it sit out until I find or create one. When we buy groceries he won't even put up the dry goods b/c I want each thing on a certain shelf and I have containers that are only for certain things, too. If he puts a snack item on the wrong shelf I get irritated and have to let him know it's in the wrong spot!! This sounds like my pantry is neat and organized - actually it is organized, just not neat! There is too much stuff in there & it drive me bananas, but that's another project!

2. Your favorite quote...
One quote I've used a lot is "One man's c…

New Google Background

Isn't this a beautiful site to see when you log in!?!? :)

High & Low Thursday Edition

Morning's Thursday - only one more day in the work week! I'm ready for this weekend. My nephew is getting married this weekend & after this weekend we have zero plans - my calendar is empty!!!! I'm so excited! We have had something going on every single weekend this summer and I am really looking forward to not having anything planned ahead (though next weekend is a long weekend & we did talk about going out of town - I'll be excited if we do that!)...
So, my High & Low for the week...
My HIGH would have to be that I'm wearing pants today that I couldn't fit into two weeks ago!! I mentioned before that I have joined WW & have been working out with Michael and it's paying off! I have recently been able to wear about 4 pair of nice dress pants that I could not even pull up when I came back to work after maternity leave...such an exciting feeling to walk into my closet, pick out my poor, forgotten about pants and pull them up wit…

Lesson I've Learned About Photography


When I'm taking pictures I just snap and snap and snap and snap - and rarely do I look & delete pictures as I go. Soooo...when I get back to my computer and pull up my pics in Lightroom I have tons and tons to edit!

I take so many pics that sometimes just the thought of sitting & editing would make me tired before I even started - two things have helped me overcome this!

1) Lightroom baby!!! I take all my pictures in RAW format so basically each one has to be edited or at least touched before I can share with everyone. When using Lightroom, though I can edit one picture and copy and paste the changes to as many pictures as I want. So, if I take a ton of pictures of the kids in the same setting then the same changes can apply to all! Edit one manually and just paste those changes right away to the tons of others! LOVE YOU LR!

2) LET. THEM. GO!! Yeah - I was the one who thought every. single. picture. that I snapped of my children had to be saved. It was a…

Wordless Wednesday

Is there anything more beautiful????

Out for Subway for dinner tonight

Come Explore New Blogs with Me in a Blog Hop

Cool Tool - Watching my baby girl on the web!

Okay - so this is going to get me in trouble!!! Since moving to her new school, Emma is now viewable to me all day via webcam! I have to make myself not check in on her every minute - Ha ha! She always looks like she is having a great time, though. In this picture they must have been singing a song or something b/c they were marching around in a circle and doing all kinds of hand movements together.

The area just inside and to the right and left of the door is a blind spot and there must be a station she plays at in one of those areas b/c whenever they are in groups playing at different stations sometimes I lose her for about ten minutes at a time. Yesterday I kept checking and was like - what the heck!?! Where's my baby?? Ha ha! The little boy in the green/black striped shirt is her friend Carlton - I thought they would be one another's shadow in class, but when they go play in centers they are usually in different ones. I don't know if the teacher tells them which cente…

Top 2 Tuesday "Biggest Indulgences"

I think my biggest indulgence is Photos - I love to take pictures, print pictures, frame pictures, do fun things in PS with pictures, buy camera gear and software, research new things about photography...and well, you get the point! (Hey - the topic is indulgences!!)

I think my second indulgences is pampering - I don't get to do it very often so this will include massages (even if I only get to sneak in a 15 minute chair massage on Massage Thursdays at work), a mani/pedi or going to get my hair did!! I try to get my hair cut at least once a quarter (hey, I'm an accountant so my time tables are based on quarters mostly) and I so love my hairdresser! She does an amazing job and I trust her so much that sometimes I just sit down and say, "Do what you will with me!!" Ha ha! (The shampoo is my favorite part!)

6 Months Already!?!?

Today was exciting not only for Emma, but also for Aaron - he turned 6 months old today! I cannot believe it's already been 6 months! My Grannie told me last night that in only 6 more short months he'll be a year old!! Nooooo!! Time is just flying by too fast!

Here are a few picks of my HAPPY baby boy this morning!! He is always like this when he wakes up - do you think I'll be lucky enough for him to be like this in his teenage years!?!?

 I love this picture of him - I love these eyes - they melt my heart!

Emma's First Day of "School"

No, she isn't really in school-school yet, but today was Emma's first day not going to the baby sitter & going to a day care - she'll be in their pre-school program next year, though. She was so, so excited - she jumped out of the car this morning & was running to the door!! Then when we got into the classroom she took off - looking around at everything & taking it all in! I had to ask her to come back & tell me bye!! Her friend Carlton is in her class, but he wasn't there when we dropped her off. I was afraid she would cry b/c she didn't know anyone, but it didn't phase her at all. She was talking to everyone! We saw a couple other friends, too - they are in a class in front & behind her, though but they'll see one another in passing I'm sure.

Now I on the other hand...I bawled my little eyes out when I got to the parking lot. I still had Aaron with me (he is going to stay with the babysitter a while longer) and he must have though…

Emma & Katelynn Ridin'

Favorite Fridays "Books - Chick Lit Genre"

I posted before about the fact that I like to read and various books I I have plenty to choose from for today's Favorite Fridays - Chick Lit, girly books - a genre I love! I think I'll discuss favorite authors as well as books, since there are way too many individual books to choose from! 
Right now my iBooks is filling up with Janet Evanovich - I've just recently been turned on to her and am currently going through her numbers books (the alphabet books have also been recommended to me, but I haven't started those yet - can't remember that author's name either - will have to look that one up). I am on my 5th book now! Her books are an awesome mix of funny, scary, sexy, playful, who-done-it books. I can't wait to see what kind of escapades Stephanie gets herself into!
I love fantasy novels (yeah, I know these next two authors don't really write girly books) - I love books about worlds very much unlike ours! Narnia is an amazing world full of …

Photo Friday "The Street"

This is Barcelona - I went there with Kenny & Elaine & CJ a few years ago. It was the best trip & I cannot wait to go back.

High & Low Thursday Edition

Thursday is a great day for Highs & Lows b/c there is enough of the week behind you to really know the good & bad of the week plus Fridays are just bombarded with weekly memes already! LOL!!
Right off I know this week's High is that baby Justin was born yesterday!! My niece, Hailey, delivered at 5am yesterday morning - he was 8lbs and about a week and a half early. I think Hailey was starting to have a few complications so they decided it was safest to deliver Justin a little early. They are both doing great now, though. I can't wait to see him. Sunday we had a Sprinkle (not quite a shower since this is her 3rd baby) and now that he has arrived he'll be the guest of honor Sunday!!
It's hard to think of my Low for this week (that means it's been a good week)...but I guess I would have to say it is I didn't get to drive up to see my Grannie on her b'day. We had plans that day already and weren't able to make it, but I called her and Emma & I…

Frozen Goodness

Our neighbor brought over some frozen treats a couple weeks ago...she had frozen grapes & berries. They were so yummy!!! We buy grapes all the time. I mean ALL the time...but sometimes they get put in the bottom of the crisper and by the time we get to the last few grapes they are kinda icky - the skin is wrinkly and well, I don't need to get into details - just ick!

Sooo...I thought this was a fantastic idea for all the grapes we buy!! So, Sunday when we went to the grocery store I bought a big bag of grapes, brought them home & washed them, pulled them all off the vines & put them into a gallon size freezer bag. Now, for a treat I just grab us a bowl, put in a handful of the grapes (you can run them under the water once to knock off the frost...if you want) and we're ready to snack! Emma loves them and my grapes don't go bad!!! And on WW a cup of the frozen grapes is only 1 point! I only bought the red grapes this time, but next time I'll mix the red &am…

Wordless Wednesday

She didn't want to take it off!

Cool Tool for Tuesday

For those of you who have a pet you must get one of these!!!!
Our little Sable, while adorable is starting to shed...a lot!! I love having her in the house, but I hate fighting the dog hair. We swiffer, sweep & vacuum daily it feels like and I can't get it all! And with Aaron being a lot more mobile these days he is scooting on the floor and teething so his little fingers are usually wet from chewing on them - I CANNOT have that dog hair all over the place like that.

So, I asked my neighbor what they use for their two labs and she told me about the FURminator! I've bought brushes before for my pets with shedding issues, but none have worked like this little baby!! And Sable actually seemed to enjoy the attention and the grooming. I got so much hair off of her last night, it was hard to believe! And after her coat looked so nice & shiny!! She didn't get a bath last night, but it said to use it after each bath so from now one this is going to be part of our daily rou…

Birthday Blowout

This was a busy weekend for birthdays...
13th - my BIL John
14th - Isabel & Katelynn
15th - my Grannie & Madeline

There were three b'day parties this weekend, but we only made it to two. Saturday was Isabel & Katelynn's b'day party - sorry we had to miss Isabel's party, but it's hard to make everything. Then on Sunday was Madeline's b'day party. My mother was visiting my Grannie this weekend for her birthday and they had a cake & celebrated her birthday Sunday afternoon, but we weren't able to make it. Emma told me the other day, though that she misses her Grannie, so hopefully we'll go up there soon to visit. Last year we had a big party for Grannie's 95th birthday!!

After this weekend Emma is so dark, too - both parties we went to rented water slides so she spent two days out in the sun! She had a blast, though. Katelynn's party was so cute - Jamie did a fantastic job with the party - she had a very neat candy station. Exce…