Healthy Living

Thursday, July 08, 2010
So Michael & I have made a few lifestyle changes recently...and they are starting to pay off! When I came back to work from being gone for three months on maternity leave I was so exhausted - not only b/c I had a newborn keeping me up at nights, but b/c I was out of shape. So, I decided it was time to get back into the gym. We have a wonderful facility here at work with great trainers so I set up a meeting & started working out every day at lunch. As I got more into it, Michael started to get interested as well (I've been trying to get him to work out with me for years!) so we started working out at home together. At first we were just walking in the evenings with the kids, but it started getting to hot to have this kids out so long. Then we started doing workout DVDs after the kids went to sleep. We follow the 30 Day Shred & it's awesome!

After doing the shred for a couple weeks Michael called up one day and said, "How bout I come to your gym after work and we can work out together?" Even better I thought! Spouses are the only non-employees allowed to work out in our facility. So for the past few weeks Michael has been meeting me after work and we work out together before going to get the kids & heading home. I still work out at lunch - so I'm doing this twice a day - and we've moved the shred to be a weekend workout.

I feel fantastic!! I have so much more energy these days. The weight is sloooowly coming off, though. I've only lost about 8 pounds since coming back to work (I think Michael has lost at least double that), but I have to remember I didn't put it all on right away, so I can't expect to lose it right away.

Yesterday I decided to take it another step further and I re-joined Weight Watchers. I'm only doing the online membership right now - they have a fantastic app for the iPhone that is so easy and quick to use when tracking points. I was using other apps, but none allowed for the fact that I'm a nursing mom. I didn't know how many calories I needed to add for that fact and WW does that with their points - after you figure how many points you should have you add on 10 points (I couldn't believe it was that many) for nursing. Now that I'm tracking again I realize I wasn't getting in enough food actually - yesterday I still had 4 points to go after dinner and wasn't hungry at all. I needed to find something for those 4 points - I ended up having a Modelo (which still left me with 2 points after all) because 1)it tasted good 2)it actually helps keep my milk supply up. So, I still didn't make my points yesterday, but I think I need to add some mid-morning or mid-day snacks at work to use up some of those points.

Michael isn't counting points, but since we started working out together we had cut out sugar & fried foods already and he has been reading all about what foods are good for muscle gain & weight loss. We've quit buying diet cokes b/c he read how they can increase your appetite (something I've heard before, but always ignored) and have been buying much healthier snacks - lots of fruits, which honestly we always did anyways.

Years ago I had a website called These Old Jeans that I used to talk about my diet and exercise and record my weight loss - I'm not going to start that site up again, but I'm adding a new label called Healthy Living to track it here. In my recent efforts to lose weight I always kinda kept it to myself, thinking if I didn't talk about it no one would know if I failed, but I find that not talking about may have been part of the reason for the failure. It's so much easier with support! And so great to have my husband's support and have him doing this right beside me!! Michael has never really had a weight problem, he just got a little heavier than he was happy with and now he just wants to be healthy. We owe it to ourselves - we owe it to our children to be healthy so we can be there for them for a long time!!