Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kitchen Re-do

I am so happy with the results of step #1 of our kitchen make-over!! When we bought our house it was half way built so we had limited choices that we could make before it was complete. One of those choices we didn't get to make was the design of the kitchen - the cabinets, counter-tops, backsplash, this week we got one of those things redone to make things look more the way we would like them!! We recently got a new stainless sink, but we changed that out, too for a better sink and new design which I love!!

Other steps to follow in the near future include changes to the cabinets, the pantry door & under counter lighting.  I like the back-splash we currently have so if we ever decide to change that it'll be way down the road. At some point I would like to get rid of all the white appliances, too but that's also a change for later - the first of which, though is going to be the fridge b/c I've already picked its replacement out! Ha ha!

Here are a few before and after pics of the new granite counter-tops! I'll take more pictures later when I get everything off our dining table & back into the kitchen, too! The color of the granite in some of the pics looks a bit more yellow than it really is b/c of the lighting - it's actually a very rich, golden color with even some hints of red in places and very interesting inserts.

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  1. I'm SUPER jealous! One of these days I'll get my gourmet kitchen, right??? You seem to be RIGHT ON TRACK for something similar!


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