Friday, July 30, 2010

I'll Tell You a Little Secret...

I have always secretly wanted to be a writer!! The problem with that? Well, I'm not very good at it! In the 6th grade I even started a book once - would be cool if I could find it today!

I've always loved to read, though and I love to get deep into book series - I used to read Dean Koontz in Jr. High & High School. I love the suspense. I love fantasy books, too which explains why I loved the Harry Potter series & the Twilight Series. In Elementary I read Nancy Drew books and the Hardy Boys books and the Sweet Valley Twins books.

My latest crush is Janet Evanovich!! I've started using iBooks lately & I'm working on building up my collection of her books!
(Winnie the Pooh was a free book with iBooks!)

I've finished the first two of the now 16 book series and started on #3 this week. I love the characters in this book and there is as much laughter in these books as there is suspense & mystery. I love "who-done-it" books! I've always discovered she has in-between books between the numbered series books that are supposed to be very good, too so I am going to have to get some of those, too & read them!

Yesterday we stopped at Barnes & Noble after dinner out with friends (that's where the picture of Emma reading down below is from - she picked out a book to get, too. I love that she enjoys reading like I do!) and I made an impulse buy from the sale books stack - I hope it turns out to be good!

It's called Love The One You're With. From what I read on the jacket cover it's more of a love story, which I also enjoy from time to time. I don't mind reading books that result in tear stained pages - Same Kind of Different as Me did that to me. Holy cow that book was a tear-jerker!

So - back to Janet - have you read these books? Wouldn't they make an awesome TV series, too. Though in all honesty I'd probably be disappointed b/c I have my own image of Stephanie & Joe & Grandma Mazur and the director probably wouldn't get that right & then I would be jaded a bit & not enjoy the TV show. I think the show Rizzoli & Isles is based on characters from Tess Gerritsen books. I haven't read any of her books, either.

I don't have a Kindle, but I have the Kindle app and the iBooks app on my phone (as I've said before) and recently have been reading more on my iPhone. It's easy b/c between carrying a gym bag or a diaper bag with all their contents and trying to carry kids or stuff for work the last thing I need is to balance a book with me, too. Plus this way if I ever get stuck somewhere with five minutes to kill I'm not wishing I had brought my book with me. It's on my phone. It's always with me. I don't think I would always keep the Kindle with me anyway either. My phone never gets left behind - victim of technology!!!

So, maybe my dream of becoming a writer will never materialize and I'm fine with that, but I will still always enjoy reading. And I'm so happy Emma enjoys it - lately in lieu of a song at night she's asks her daddy to read a story to her every night. I love sitting in the other room listening to him read to her over the monitor...and when he is tired and she picks out a long book I love to hear how he edits it and makes up a new story just based on the pictures so that he can finish early and lay down himself!! LOL! My hubby is a great daddy!!! 

Who is your favorite author???

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