Fun Weekend Away

Monday, July 26, 2010
I cannot believe it's already come & gone - we've had this weekend planned for months and have been anxiously anticipating its arrival and now it's already over!! We're ready to plan a trip for next year now!!

Friday we went up to The Retreat at Artesian Lakes with two other families - our friends the Hayden's and the George's (they are our neighbors, too)! We stayed in a three bedroom cabin that had four more beds upstairs in a loft - that's where all the kiddos bunked! Including Aaron the kids outnumbered the adults this weekend, too! Of course, he had to share a room with me & Michael!

I was afraid with all those kiddos it was going to be hectic, but it really wasn't - we were out of the cabin a lot and the kids had such full days they were ready to lay it down when we came back. And they all get along really well, too. Carlton called our cabin the "Vacation House"and Emma called it the "Nature Hunt House"- don't ask me where she got that! I thought it was hysterical, though!

I still have a few more pics to upload from my other camera, but here are the majority of the pictures - click each picture to advance.


We got home pretty early on Sunday - around 2:00 - so we were able to unpack and relax a while and even play outside some after it cooled off a little bit. Emma has a nice little tan now, too from being in the pool so much!! Aaron loved the water, too - he was in there with us each time we went! He looked pretty cool in his swim trunks & matching hat, too!