First Goal Nearly Accomplished

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Well, I set three goals for myself when we started this diet new way of life!! The first goal was that I wanted to lose 20lbs this summer - well, I'm almost there. As of yesterday I've lost 17.5lbs so far!!! Being on the verge of attaining this first goal makes it so much easier to see that I can reach the next two...which are to lose half my total weight loss goal by our anniversary in October (35lbs) and to reach my ultimate weight loss goal by Aaron's first birthday in February of 2011 (70lbs). I had hoped I wouldn't gain with Aaron the way I did with Emma, but the last two months just when I thought I was doing well I gained about 15lbs - so by the time I delivered him I had gained just as much as I had gained with Emma. Only, this time around it didn't come back off nearly as fast. So - slow is good b/c slow is more permanent! I am happy with slow and happy with my realistic goals b/c I know I can reach them.

Michael on the other hand isn't going slow - the weight is just melting off of him!! All of his pants & shorts are literally falling off right now. I need to buy him some suspenders I guess!! The other day he was walking around in a new pair of shorts and I swear I could see two inches of his boxers b/c his pants were hanging that low - I wanted to start singing "Pants on the Ground" to him b/c he was sagging so much! But it is just that way for guys I guess. It's much easier for them to lose weight and they lose it much faster - plus Michael has a much higher metabolism anyway. No worries, though - I'll get there, too it'll just take me a little longer. But I'm confident, though and I believe setting these short term, realistic goals will really help me reach my ultimate long term goal, too.