Do you realize my baby just turned 5 months!?!?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
I cannot believe that he is already 5 months...I went to put together his 3-4 months page for his baby book and that's when it hit me that Friday he turned 5 months!! It's just going by way too fast!! He is eating foods now - we're still on the #1's, but he enjoys them. Green beans seem to be the favorite! And he is rolling over like a pro these days, too - though he prefers to be on his tummy. He scoots a little too - if I leave him on a play mat I find him off of it before too long! And this weekend he found his toes, too. He hasn't been able to put them into his mouth yet, but I see him trying, too. It's hard b/c he's such a rolly polly! LOL!! He is a happy baby, though that's for sure. Emma plays with him all the time and I'm always worried she is being too rough, but he must love it b/c he is constantly laughing at her. She can make him laugh easier than anyone I think! His sleeping pattern is better - he still wakes up most nights at least once, but it isn't every night now. I know introducing foods helped there a lot. Thank goodness for a little extra sleep! And though I haven't seen any I think there are some teeth that are about to come through - he slobbers so much and had a bit of a runny nose (no fever) and loves his teething ring right out of the freezer - it won't be long till we see some teeth I think.