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I'll Tell You a Little Secret...

I have always secretly wanted to be a writer!! The problem with that? Well, I'm not very good at it! In the 6th grade I even started a book once - would be cool if I could find it today!

I've always loved to read, though and I love to get deep into book series - I used to read Dean Koontz in Jr. High & High School. I love the suspense. I love fantasy books, too which explains why I loved the Harry Potter series & the Twilight Series. In Elementary I read Nancy Drew books and the Hardy Boys books and the Sweet Valley Twins books.

My latest crush is Janet Evanovich!! I've started using iBooks lately & I'm working on building up my collection of her books!
(Winnie the Pooh was a free book with iBooks!)
I've finished the first two of the now 16 book series and started on #3 this week. I love the characters in this book and there is as much laughter in these books as there is suspense & mystery. I love "who-done-it" books! I've always disc…

Photo Friday - Crooked

Beautiful sky tonight!

At the bookstore!

He's smiling in his sleep!!

Another Bright & Shiny Summer Layout

Can't let these gray days get ya down!! I created this layout a while back & decided to use it on this rainy, dreary day! The one I had was already bright, but this one just has more color! Hope it brightens your day a little! Plus looking at that cute little boy has to make you smile!!

Do you realize my baby just turned 5 months!?!?

I cannot believe that he is already 5 months...I went to put together his 3-4 months page for his baby book and that's when it hit me that Friday he turned 5 months!! It's just going by way too fast!! He is eating foods now - we're still on the #1's, but he enjoys them. Green beans seem to be the favorite! And he is rolling over like a pro these days, too - though he prefers to be on his tummy. He scoots a little too - if I leave him on a play mat I find him off of it before too long! And this weekend he found his toes, too. He hasn't been able to put them into his mouth yet, but I see him trying, too. It's hard b/c he's such a rolly polly! LOL!! He is a happy baby, though that's for sure. Emma plays with him all the time and I'm always worried she is being too rough, but he must love it b/c he is constantly laughing at her. She can make him laugh easier than anyone I think! His sleeping pattern is better - he still wakes up most nights at least onc…

Fun Weekend Away

I cannot believe it's already come & gone - we've had this weekend planned for months and have been anxiously anticipating its arrival and now it's already over!! We're ready to plan a trip for next year now!!

Friday we went up to The Retreat at Artesian Lakes with two other families - our friends the Hayden's and the George's (they are our neighbors, too)! We stayed in a three bedroom cabin that had four more beds upstairs in a loft - that's where all the kiddos bunked! Including Aaron the kids outnumbered the adults this weekend, too! Of course, he had to share a room with me & Michael!

I was afraid with all those kiddos it was going to be hectic, but it really wasn't - we were out of the cabin a lot and the kids had such full days they were ready to lay it down when we came back. And they all get along really well, too. Carlton called our cabin the "Vacation House"and Emma called it the "Nature Hunt House"- don't ask …

Her own baby carrots!

Happy Swinging

Happy Boy

Kitchen Re-do

I am so happy with the results of step #1 of our kitchen make-over!! When we bought our house it was half way built so we had limited choices that we could make before it was complete. One of those choices we didn't get to make was the design of the kitchen - the cabinets, counter-tops, backsplash, this week we got one of those things redone to make things look more the way we would like them!! We recently got a new stainless sink, but we changed that out, too for a better sink and new design which I love!!

Other steps to follow in the near future include changes to the cabinets, the pantry door & under counter lighting.  I like the back-splash we currently have so if we ever decide to change that it'll be way down the road. At some point I would like to get rid of all the white appliances, too but that's also a change for later - the first of which, though is going to be the fridge b/c I've already picked its replacement out! Ha ha!

Here are a few befor…

First Goal Nearly Accomplished

Well, I set three goals for myself when we started this diet new way of life!! The first goal was that I wanted to lose 20lbs this summer - well, I'm almost there. As of yesterday I've lost 17.5lbs so far!!! Being on the verge of attaining this first goal makes it so much easier to see that I can reach the next two...which are to lose half my total weight loss goal by our anniversary in October (35lbs) and to reach my ultimate weight loss goal by Aaron's first birthday in February of 2011 (70lbs). I had hoped I wouldn't gain with Aaron the way I did with Emma, but the last two months just when I thought I was doing well I gained about 15lbs - so by the time I delivered him I had gained just as much as I had gained with Emma. Only, this time around it didn't come back off nearly as fast. So - slow is good b/c slow is more permanent! I am happy with slow and happy with my realistic goals b/c I know I can reach them.

Michael on the other hand isn't going slow - th…

Congratulations Jason & Mallory

We went to Jason & Mallory's wedding on Saturday - it turned out so great and we couldn't be happier for them! I think they are two awesome people!

We ended up having a lot of fun Saturday night...and I paid for it a little on Sunday! Ha ha! Weddings are always a lot of fun, though!

Talk About a Messy Kitchen

My Body is Fighting Back!

So lately, and for obvious reasons, I've been hitting the snooze button a lot in the morning. Well, this morning instead of hitting snooze, I actually turned off the alarm, sooooo....needless to say I slept late. Next thing I knew it was 10 minutes till 7:00, which is what time I'm supposed to be at work. I was up and out the door with the kids in less than 20 minutes and made it to work around 7:30. I am one of the first ones in every morning anyway, so it didn't really matter anyway, but still...I know it's b/c my body is starting to fight me on this lack of sleep stuff. Aaron went down pretty easily last night, but then woke up around 11:30. I held his for a moment to soothe him then laid him back down & he went right back to sleep and didn't wake up again until around 4:00 to eat!! It was a nice 5 hour stretch of sleep for me, but obviously still not enough. Everyone who talks to me on the phone asks what is wrong - I guess I sound like I am about to cry or…

"It's a hot summer day" Emma said

I'm Extremely Sleepy Today

Aaron decided to party again last night - starting at 2:30 and he wasn't done till 4:30. Again, not crying or upset, just UP! I needed to rest during the week to recuperate from the weekend, but that isn't happening!!

Friday we went to my sister's house to celebrate Gianna's b'day - I cannot believe she is 5 years old! The kids had a blast playing in the water. Emma ending up spending the night with Teta & Geddo b/c Saturday we had plans to meet with the granite man and go pick out new granite for the kitchen - we didn't think this would be fun for Emma! We hit four different places over three hours - yeah, I think she would have been bored and a bored 3 year old only leads to trouble!! We did narrow it down to two choices, though. Aaron was so good the whole time. Our contractor's wife is due in September with their first child and he kept saying how good Aaron was and how he hoped their child was this good!

Saturday night we went to the race track to …

Photo Friday - Summer Fun

Such a serious face - I think she was pouting about something at this time...only lasted a couple of seconds, though b/c she realized she was missing out on all the fun!!!

Healthy Living

So Michael & I have made a few lifestyle changes recently...and they are starting to pay off! When I came back to work from being gone for three months on maternity leave I was so exhausted - not only b/c I had a newborn keeping me up at nights, but b/c I was out of shape. So, I decided it was time to get back into the gym. We have a wonderful facility here at work with great trainers so I set up a meeting & started working out every day at lunch. As I got more into it, Michael started to get interested as well (I've been trying to get him to work out with me for years!) so we started working out at home together. At first we were just walking in the evenings with the kids, but it started getting to hot to have this kids out so long. Then we started doing workout DVDs after the kids went to sleep. We follow the 30 Day Shred & it's awesome!

After doing the shred for a couple weeks Michael called up one day and said, "How bout I come to your gym after work and …

From my honey...Just Because!

Are you my friend?

So...some of you have noticed that my pictures on my Fotki site are no longer accessible - well, actually they are you just have to be a Fotki member. Recently I had some pics used by people I didn't know for commercial purposes and...well, I just have too many pictures of my babies to worry about who is doing what with my pictures! So, I still have pics on Flickr that are available and I post a lot here, but if you want to see everything, just sign up for Fotki.

Our high tech kids - each with a game!

We've Moved on to the Good Stuff

At Aaron's 4 month checkup the doctor said we could get started on baby food - Aaron wasn't sure about it at first, but he quickly got the hang of it!! We started with green beans & have moved on to squash since then - he seems to like both and I think he must be about to go through another growth spurt b/c the boy cannot get enough to eat these days. He is back to waking up about twice during the night, too. I thought maybe it was just a phase and he would go back to sleeping through the night like he has since I went back to work - but he is just super hungry so the food came at just the right time! Maybe this will get him back to sleeping longer!
  And, of course, big sister had to help feed him, too! She doesn't have quite the delicate touch, though so I had to help her! LOL! She was still thrilled to help out!

July 5th!

Today is a day to recuperate! We had such a great time yesterday - and it was the biggest group we have had so far to celebrate Independence Day! This year we rented a water slide for all the kiddos and it was a big hit - heck all the adults were ready to get in it at one point! I think that will be part of the annual event from now on!

(click the pictures to advance)

Happy 4th of July

Fun on the 4th

Aaron's New Hat

July Desktop