So glad to skip a Monday!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010
We had such a great long weekend - it was so relaxing & fun! Sunday my parents came over and we grilled - it was so yummy, too!! We had a feast - so much that we didn't have to cook anything yesterday either. Which was nice b/c we had some running around to do yesterday and the last thing I wanted was to spend the evening cooking after being out all day. We managed to find some new rugs for the house yesterday (mainly one for the play room, still looking for a nice big one for the living room) and we bought new W/D - finally got a front end loader that I have wanted for a while! It won't be delivered until the 12th, but I figure I've waited this long, what's a couple more weeks. (That means I have a W/D for sale, too if anyone is interested - I wanna have it gone before the new ones arrive!!)

We played outside with the neighbors yesterday, too. They swam and sprayed one another with water - and I even let Aaron take a little dip. He wasn't too impressed! It was good, though b/c he got to wear his little swim suit that he is going to be too big for in about a week! Ha ha! The boy is already wearing 6-9 month clothes and he's not even 4 months old yet!!

These are a couple of pictures I took of Emma on Sunday before church - my favorite time to take their pictures b/c they are both dressed up! She has such a posed smile these days, though I really prefer candid shots of her instead, but she's still a little beauty (though I'm sure I'm bias!).