Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Playing with headers...

I started working on Aaron's scrapbook (which I need to get back to work on) and then after doing an inventory of all my digital scrapbook "stuff" I started playing around with the layout for my blog - I've been making new headers, but making myself stick with the same layout for a while so things are not constantly changing around here - so I refuse to make the backgrounds, buttons, dividers, etc. that match each header so that I won't be tempted to make changes daily!! LOL

Here are a couple headers I've done that will be up at some point in the future - maybe with different pictures, though!

One thing I've found I really enjoy is making frames. I made all the frames on my current header and all the frames on the 1st of these two headers. The 2nd header frames were from a digital kit I had, though. I have tons of layer styles that I've been using and learning new techniques for different effects. I used to think they were so hard and would try to find tons of them online, but they are really very easy to make - just start with a basic shape using the shape selection tool & stroke it - this will give you your base to mask anything you want on top of it and then play with the layer styles to get it just the way you want it. Emboss or chisel it, add a shadow, a hint of light - whatever your fancy! Try it out!

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