It's Monday - Wanna know what we did this weekend??

Monday, June 07, 2010
We had a good weekend. Michael had to work all weekend, but he went in early so he got home early, which was good!

Saturday we had planned to go see Kevin Fowler, but when he found out he would be working Sunday we figured it wasn't a good idea to be out all night Saturday. I had already told Emma she could spend the night with Teta & Geddo, though so Saturday morning when Michael left for work I headed to my parents' house with the kiddos. It turned out she got to spend the day with all her cousins, too which she loved. My sister had a couple of her grandkids over so we took Emma & Aaron over to her house & Emma got to play in the water with Isabel & Gianna. I didn't take any pics, though :( but they had a good time! Aaron & I left them there around 1:00 to head back home to meet Michael and the three of us went out to dinner, then just hung out & watched It's Complicated...well, Michael & I watched It's Complicated. Turned out to be a pretty good movie, too. Aaron was too tired to stay up too late!! :)

Sunday since Michael went back to work, Aaron & I headed out early and met my parents, Emma, my sister, my niece & her kids at church. We didn't stay long after, though - I wasn't feeling great (I had a migraine lingering) and my parents had plans with friends. When I got home Michael had already made it home so I was able to lay down for just a bit until I started feeling better. I hate the summers here b/c of my migraines - this hot, humid weather always seems to bring on more headaches. I pray my kids don't suffer from migraines like I do.

Michael's parents came by to visit in the afternoon, too and brought us some yummy homemade salsa made from vegetables from their garden. It really got me anxious to make some myself - we have enough tomatoes if I don't start cooking with them more they are going to go bad!! I love homemade salsa!!

I guess Emma was played out from the weekend b/c we went out to dinner after that & she fell asleep in the booth at 5:30 and didn't get up till I woke her at 6:30 this morning! I tried to get her up a couple of times after we got home & she would sit up, then I'd look over and she would be passed out again! Eventually we gave up trying to get her up & just put her into her bed!

 I also bought a new pedi tool this weekend...I've been skeptical, but I've had some people tell me that the pedegg worked well. I didn't buy this one, but I bought the Dr. Scholl's For Her version instead - the Smooth My Sole and I like it. It works pretty well. I don't get to go for pedicures nearly as often as I would like to, so I thought in the interim I could give myself little mini-pedis! Of course, I have to give Emma a mani/pedi when I give myself a manicure or pedicure!! That's part of the fun of having a daughter, though and I love it! Her nails have to be pink, though b/c that and purple are her favorite colors!! And she'll tell you that Aaron's favorite colors are blue & green!! She's such a know-it-all!! LOL