Monday, June 28, 2010

Is the holiday weekend here yet??

I'm ready for a long weekend...I am ready to sleep late...we were on the go most of the weekend & Saturday night Aaron decided he wanted to be up in the middle of the night for a couple hours. *yawn*

Friday we took Emma to see Toy Story 3. This was only the 3rd time she has gone to the movies & she loved it. She kept shushing me during the previews reminding me you have to be quiet when you go to the movies! Doesn't work at home, though when I'm trying to watch a movie & she is playing all around me! The movie was really good & yes, I admit, I got teary eyed a couple of times. There were lots of emotional parts & I'm a crier - yes, I am. No apologies - I just am! I didn't actually cry, though, but did sniff a few times! There were also a couple of times when Emma got a little scared, too. Nothing she couldn't handle, though - and she told me later that it was awesome & that she had a great time! She hasn't see the first two movies, but she knows who the characters are already - there are just too many commercials for the movie I guess to help knowing who they are.

Saturday we had a b'day party to go to - it was at one of those jumping places & Emma had a blast. I am sure she would have had more fun if her daddy had been there b/c he goes on all the jumps with her - I do sometimes, too but I forgot my socks and was wearing a skirt. Oops!! Hee hee! Next time baby!

I've been watching the lightening outside my window this afternoon. We had a few showers out here earlier, but it looks like there is a lot more to come. It was just yuck outside at lunchtime - if we do get a good rain I really hope it'll cool things off around here. Last night it was so nice while we were outside playing with the kids. And we have a lot of plans outside this coming weekend so I really hope the weather cooperates. I can see a band of rain off in the distance now - don't know if it'll make it here or not.

Tomorrow night we're painting again. This time we're painting Moonlit Cherry Blossoms! I'm excited to see how this one turns out. I need to get some 3M Command hooks to use in the office for the pictures I've already painted. I think I've finally decided just to do an eclectic grouping of picture in there since I couldn't decide where else to put them. Right now they are just on the desk leaning up against the wall. It's a great time - I highly recommend going to anyone, whether you have talent or not! I'll post a picture of the end results after the class tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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