Google Background Image

Friday, June 04, 2010
Maybe they are chasing after Bing - I've noticed the layout of the Google Search page changing in that direction a lot lately and that's fine. I like the new changes...I would have stuck with Google over Bing even if they hadn't made the changes probably - I just like Google (and I haven't really played much with Bing)! So, now they give the ability to change the background image of your Google search page to either one of their stock pics or one of your own! Of course, I went with one of my own - one of my little monkey doing her "cool" flip on the trapeze bar!!

My babies are all over the web for me - I recently changed my twitter background image to a custom one as well with a picture of each of them & then one of the entire family. I really like the way it turned out - and now I can Google while looking at one of my beauties, too! Love it!!I don't know if Bing let's you put your own picture, though or if it's just their choice of pictures...I'll have to go check that out!