Wednesday, June 30, 2010

iPhone Apps: Kindle v. iBooks

I like to read - I've always enjoyed a good book series. And late nights that I was up with a newborn I got a lot of reading done, but it is hard to do without a good light...and no, I don't have a Kindle like all the cool kids, but I did use the Kindle app for my iPhone. It worked out great b/c I never had to turn on any lights. It has a lot of great features, too - easy to search and highlight.

So, last week I upgrade my iPhone to the iOS4 and when I did I downloaded the iBooks app - so far I like it as much as the Kindle app. My one complaint so far, though is that I haven't figured out or if I can lock the screen aspect. I read laying down a lot and that means holding my phone sideways, but not necessarily wanting it to go to landscape view. On the Kindle app I was able to lock the aspect so that even if the phone was horizontal, the aspect would stay in portrait. So far, that is my one and only complaint regarding iBooks. I just bought my first book through iBooks though and I haven't read very far so I don't know what other pros & cons I'll find.

I do like the library on iBooks much more than the one on the Kindle app, too - it's a nice layout as opposed to just a list of the books. It's only aesthetics, I know, but I still like it! It's just a nicer way to browse your books!

So...aside from not knowing if/how to lock the screen aspect I give the iBooks app two thumbs up so far. As I finish my book we'll see if that still holds true or if I return to the Kindle app!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moonlit Cherry Blossom

We're done!!

That is mine on the left & Kim's on the right!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Is the holiday weekend here yet??

I'm ready for a long weekend...I am ready to sleep late...we were on the go most of the weekend & Saturday night Aaron decided he wanted to be up in the middle of the night for a couple hours. *yawn*

Friday we took Emma to see Toy Story 3. This was only the 3rd time she has gone to the movies & she loved it. She kept shushing me during the previews reminding me you have to be quiet when you go to the movies! Doesn't work at home, though when I'm trying to watch a movie & she is playing all around me! The movie was really good & yes, I admit, I got teary eyed a couple of times. There were lots of emotional parts & I'm a crier - yes, I am. No apologies - I just am! I didn't actually cry, though, but did sniff a few times! There were also a couple of times when Emma got a little scared, too. Nothing she couldn't handle, though - and she told me later that it was awesome & that she had a great time! She hasn't see the first two movies, but she knows who the characters are already - there are just too many commercials for the movie I guess to help knowing who they are.

Saturday we had a b'day party to go to - it was at one of those jumping places & Emma had a blast. I am sure she would have had more fun if her daddy had been there b/c he goes on all the jumps with her - I do sometimes, too but I forgot my socks and was wearing a skirt. Oops!! Hee hee! Next time baby!

I've been watching the lightening outside my window this afternoon. We had a few showers out here earlier, but it looks like there is a lot more to come. It was just yuck outside at lunchtime - if we do get a good rain I really hope it'll cool things off around here. Last night it was so nice while we were outside playing with the kids. And we have a lot of plans outside this coming weekend so I really hope the weather cooperates. I can see a band of rain off in the distance now - don't know if it'll make it here or not.

Tomorrow night we're painting again. This time we're painting Moonlit Cherry Blossoms! I'm excited to see how this one turns out. I need to get some 3M Command hooks to use in the office for the pictures I've already painted. I think I've finally decided just to do an eclectic grouping of picture in there since I couldn't decide where else to put them. Right now they are just on the desk leaning up against the wall. It's a great time - I highly recommend going to anyone, whether you have talent or not! I'll post a picture of the end results after the class tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

They're in my bed again!

Photo Friday - Motionless 

I realized after I looked back through my pics that my kids are in my bed a lot. No wonder I'm always so sleepy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aaron's Badge

I made a diaper bag tag for Emma when I used to carry a diaper bag for I decided to make one for Aaron, too and have a little more fun with it than I did with hers. I have been playing with overlay & blending techniques a bit - as well as using new masks - and though I haven't mastered it completely (lots of trial & error), it is still a lot of fun!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Aaron is 4 Months Old Already

I cannot believe that it's been 4 months already since we brought this little darlin' home!! He is growing so fast & he is so happy all the time! I just love to talk with him b/c he smiles so big these days...I love to hear Emma playing with him b/c she really makes him laugh out loud and it's the best sound in the whole wide world!! They are going to have so much fun playing together as he gets older!!!

Next week is his 4 month check up and I think more shots...I hate shot days. I am just glad he gets over them quickly! I can't wait to see how much he weighs now. He's grown so much since his 2 month check up and he weighed a whopping 16lbs 6oz then!!

Happy 4 months baby boy!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father & Son

Finally got some pics of Aaron in a frame! Poor 2nd child!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

One Side Complete

I am so proud of my hubby & Carlton - they did a fantastic job buildnig our fence this past week!! It is finally all finished & we have a much bigger back yard now. We are going to do the other side, too but I think we've decided to wait until the weather is cooler - it's just WAY too hot to be outside right now doing that kind of work! The old fence is still up, but once it is down there is just going to be soooo much more room in the back to play! I am so excited about it! AND we will have a gate now between us & our neighbor so the kids will be able to go back and forth to play!! They'll love that!

Here are pics (click the pictures to advance) of the progress & a little clip of our hard working men!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm ready for the weekend...

It's been a long week for some reason - maybe b/c I'm so tired. We're working out twice a day and for some reason Aaron has decided to change his schedule so that he eats in the middle of the night again. *yawn* At least Emma isn't coming into our bed in the middle of the night still - though I think that was really just b/c of her ear ache that she had.

We have a few tentative plans for the weekend, but much of them really just depend on Michael - he and Carlton, our neighbor, are building fences - or rather moving fences - and they are just about finished. I know Michael is ready to get it done, so before we do anything else he wants to work on that. I hope they'll finish tonight or in the morning. *fingers crossed*

Kid news: Aaron is becoming mobile! Not to the point that I have to chase him around or anything, but he is turning around - the baby sitter said he turns over, but I haven't seen that yet, so until I see it, it's not going in the baby book!! I did put him on his activity mat yesterday and after a while he had turned around almost all the way - he stayed on his tummy the whole time, though. It won't be long and then Katie bar the door!! Emma started crawling at 6 months & walking at 10 months. I've always heard boys are slower at starting things than girls and I had really hoped that would be the case - I'm ready for him to be able to sit alone, but I don't mind if he takes his sweet time to start crawling or walking! Emma keeps me running enough on her own! He does sit well in his exersaucer now, though!

He is still sucking on those thumbs, though. Hopefully that won't last long - by the time Emma was about five months she was done with all pacifiers and sucking on her fingers. Aaron doesn't really take his pacifier at all anymore now, just goes straight for his thumb! 

Yesterday while he was on his activity mat I left the room and when I came back Emma was on the floor with him - actually she was holding him up over her while she lay on the floor playing with him - Lord she thinks she's grown!! She got a lecture about picking him up - said, "I'm not going to do that anymore..." - yeah right. We'll see, won't we?

 She only has a couple more months before she starts her preschool program! She is excited about "going to school", but I just pray it is an easy transition. It's going to be hard to leave Grammy's, but since Aaron will still be going there every day we'll get to see her often and since Carlton will be in Emma's class I think she'll be okay. It's going to be hard to leave Madeline, too - they are like a couple of sisters. They fight like sisters, too! :) I am sure she'll make may more great friends at her new school, too. It's just going by way too fast!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aaron Michael by Elaine Mesker-Garcia

These are pictures that Elaine took of Aaron when he first came home...he's grown so much it's hard to believe he was ever so small!!

(click the pictures to advance)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

New pages for Aaron's album!

I got a couple more of Aaron's pages done for his album - one for the baby shower and another about during my pregnancy. I have one finished for his 1-2months as well, but I need to find the sticker with his weight & length, so that one isn't completely finished just yet.

Bright & Shiny!

I wanted a nice summery layout - something with bright colors! Well, I think I hit the bright part right on the dot!! LOL! I like it, though - okay, so I ended up not using either of the headers I had created before, but I came across this cute little kit, thought it was cute, so I went with it! I can always still use the others later!

Monday, June 07, 2010

It's Monday - Wanna know what we did this weekend??

We had a good weekend. Michael had to work all weekend, but he went in early so he got home early, which was good!

Saturday we had planned to go see Kevin Fowler, but when he found out he would be working Sunday we figured it wasn't a good idea to be out all night Saturday. I had already told Emma she could spend the night with Teta & Geddo, though so Saturday morning when Michael left for work I headed to my parents' house with the kiddos. It turned out she got to spend the day with all her cousins, too which she loved. My sister had a couple of her grandkids over so we took Emma & Aaron over to her house & Emma got to play in the water with Isabel & Gianna. I didn't take any pics, though :( but they had a good time! Aaron & I left them there around 1:00 to head back home to meet Michael and the three of us went out to dinner, then just hung out & watched It's Complicated...well, Michael & I watched It's Complicated. Turned out to be a pretty good movie, too. Aaron was too tired to stay up too late!! :)

Sunday since Michael went back to work, Aaron & I headed out early and met my parents, Emma, my sister, my niece & her kids at church. We didn't stay long after, though - I wasn't feeling great (I had a migraine lingering) and my parents had plans with friends. When I got home Michael had already made it home so I was able to lay down for just a bit until I started feeling better. I hate the summers here b/c of my migraines - this hot, humid weather always seems to bring on more headaches. I pray my kids don't suffer from migraines like I do.

Michael's parents came by to visit in the afternoon, too and brought us some yummy homemade salsa made from vegetables from their garden. It really got me anxious to make some myself - we have enough tomatoes if I don't start cooking with them more they are going to go bad!! I love homemade salsa!!

I guess Emma was played out from the weekend b/c we went out to dinner after that & she fell asleep in the booth at 5:30 and didn't get up till I woke her at 6:30 this morning! I tried to get her up a couple of times after we got home & she would sit up, then I'd look over and she would be passed out again! Eventually we gave up trying to get her up & just put her into her bed!

 I also bought a new pedi tool this weekend...I've been skeptical, but I've had some people tell me that the pedegg worked well. I didn't buy this one, but I bought the Dr. Scholl's For Her version instead - the Smooth My Sole and I like it. It works pretty well. I don't get to go for pedicures nearly as often as I would like to, so I thought in the interim I could give myself little mini-pedis! Of course, I have to give Emma a mani/pedi when I give myself a manicure or pedicure!! That's part of the fun of having a daughter, though and I love it! Her nails have to be pink, though b/c that and purple are her favorite colors!! And she'll tell you that Aaron's favorite colors are blue & green!! She's such a know-it-all!! LOL

Friday, June 04, 2010

Google Background Image

Maybe they are chasing after Bing - I've noticed the layout of the Google Search page changing in that direction a lot lately and that's fine. I like the new changes...I would have stuck with Google over Bing even if they hadn't made the changes probably - I just like Google (and I haven't really played much with Bing)! So, now they give the ability to change the background image of your Google search page to either one of their stock pics or one of your own! Of course, I went with one of my own - one of my little monkey doing her "cool" flip on the trapeze bar!!

My babies are all over the web for me - I recently changed my twitter background image to a custom one as well with a picture of each of them & then one of the entire family. I really like the way it turned out - and now I can Google while looking at one of my beauties, too! Love it!!I don't know if Bing let's you put your own picture, though or if it's just their choice of pictures...I'll have to go check that out!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

This will make you smile!

June Desktop

Well, March thru May didn't make it to my desktop, but at least I got June's calendar up!

If you would like this template let me know via comment & I'll email you the png file so you can put your own picture in...though the little girl in this one is just too cute for words in my honest opinion! :)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Playing with headers...

I started working on Aaron's scrapbook (which I need to get back to work on) and then after doing an inventory of all my digital scrapbook "stuff" I started playing around with the layout for my blog - I've been making new headers, but making myself stick with the same layout for a while so things are not constantly changing around here - so I refuse to make the backgrounds, buttons, dividers, etc. that match each header so that I won't be tempted to make changes daily!! LOL

Here are a couple headers I've done that will be up at some point in the future - maybe with different pictures, though!

One thing I've found I really enjoy is making frames. I made all the frames on my current header and all the frames on the 1st of these two headers. The 2nd header frames were from a digital kit I had, though. I have tons of layer styles that I've been using and learning new techniques for different effects. I used to think they were so hard and would try to find tons of them online, but they are really very easy to make - just start with a basic shape using the shape selection tool & stroke it - this will give you your base to mask anything you want on top of it and then play with the layer styles to get it just the way you want it. Emboss or chisel it, add a shadow, a hint of light - whatever your fancy! Try it out!

My Little Chef

My Little Chef

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

So glad to skip a Monday!

We had such a great long weekend - it was so relaxing & fun! Sunday my parents came over and we grilled - it was so yummy, too!! We had a feast - so much that we didn't have to cook anything yesterday either. Which was nice b/c we had some running around to do yesterday and the last thing I wanted was to spend the evening cooking after being out all day. We managed to find some new rugs for the house yesterday (mainly one for the play room, still looking for a nice big one for the living room) and we bought new W/D - finally got a front end loader that I have wanted for a while! It won't be delivered until the 12th, but I figure I've waited this long, what's a couple more weeks. (That means I have a W/D for sale, too if anyone is interested - I wanna have it gone before the new ones arrive!!)

We played outside with the neighbors yesterday, too. They swam and sprayed one another with water - and I even let Aaron take a little dip. He wasn't too impressed! It was good, though b/c he got to wear his little swim suit that he is going to be too big for in about a week! Ha ha! The boy is already wearing 6-9 month clothes and he's not even 4 months old yet!!

These are a couple of pictures I took of Emma on Sunday before church - my favorite time to take their pictures b/c they are both dressed up! She has such a posed smile these days, though I really prefer candid shots of her instead, but she's still a little beauty (though I'm sure I'm bias!).