We went to a wedding last night...

Sunday, May 23, 2010
and the kids had a blast!!

The adults had a great time, too (maybe Michael had too good of a time! hee hee), but the kids didn't get off the dance floor!! We got our workout hanging out with them!! And Aaron was an angel last night. He did not cry one time the entire time at the church or the reception. And he napped a couple times in all that noise! So glad he can sleep anywhere!

Emma, Katelynn & Jacob didn't sleep, though. They danced their hineys off!!

(Why do kids jump so much when they dance?)

This little guy came up and asked Katelynn to dance - it was so cute! He even asked Steven one time for permission!! LOL He tried to ask Emma, but she got embarrassed & hid behind my leg! Think I'll be lucky enough for that to happen when she's 15?!?!

Emma got to dance with her daddy more than I even did!! Aaron did dance a slow dance with me & Michael once - I gotta find out when the photographers post their pics b/c they got a couple of us dancing with Aaron that I really want to see!

I think Jacob might have stolen the show, though! He was shakin' it for all the songs - he didn't want to get off the dance floor! One lady even came over and said how much rhythm he had! Ha ha!

Here was my beauty before jumping around all over the dance floor!!