Friday, May 14, 2010

Thumb v. Pacifier

There are pros & cons to each, but I think with Aaron we have a case of a thumbsucker! I even bought him new pacifiers when he started spitting out his soothies, but the new ones get spit out, too for want of a thumb!


  1. At least some bloggers can tkll write

  2. Oh no. Don't let him start sucking his thumb. Trevin started with his two fingers then it was his thumb. When he was little I thought it was cute and it pacified him so I let him do it. Once his teeth started growing in, then it was horrible. His teeth protruded out like an over bite. When we took his thumb prints for kindergarten, he didn't have any because he had sucked his thumb until it looked like a prune. I tried any and every kind of over the counter aid to get him to quit. I thought once he started kindergarden it would be an embarrassment to him becauses he is so shy. But to my surprise he told his teacher that one thumb was white milk and the other thumb was like chocolate milk and he would try to share it with any kid that cried!!! It is really crazy the way I got Trevin to quit. One day I was refinishing an old dresser and Trevin got stain on his thumb. I told him that it was poison and that if he sucked either thumb then he would be gone - gone. I told him as soon as the stain came off he could go back to sucking his thumb again. Every night after he went to sleep I would have to go and reapply the stain. It took weeks but eventually, he realized he really could do without his chocolate and white milk.

  3. Ha ha!! Dorcas that is the funniest thing I've ever heard, but it's a pretty good idea, too!!! And I think what he told his teacher is pretty cute, too! Kids are so funny!

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