Old McDonald's Farm

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Friday before Mother's Day Michael took off & we took the kids to Old MacDonald's Farm.I hadn't had a chance to post about it and then we had our allergy scare - so I'm finally getting to post the pics! Enjoy!

Emma had a blast! There were so many animals & she was able to touch & feed just about every one of them! This place is neat and would be fun for b'day parties - Emma's would be hard to have there, though b/c it's in December and it's so hard to predict the weather for an outdoor party. They do have huge nice pavilions, though.

Don't they look cute???

She is just recently brave enough to get this close to the animals to feed them...

All fears seemed to be gone & she was climbing in all their pens!!

Until the chicken decided to peck her finger, though!! She didn't like that! HA HA!

She also tried her hand at tether ball!

Aaron, of course, enjoyed the day from the comfort of his shaded stroller!

She & daddy took a train ride, too - don't they look so enthused???

This little guy grabbed the entire bag of food from Emma's hand - Michael had to kinda run after him to make it drop it so we could get it back! LOL

The day was a lot of fun - but HOT! Summer is definitely here. Next time we'll have to take our suits so we can get in the water, too.