Allergic Reaction - Update

Friday, May 14, 2010
Well, we're on day 2 of Emma's allergic reaction to her antibiotics and I have to say I was very scared. Actually, last night I slept with her sat up and watched her most of the night. Yesterday morning when she woke up she had red blotches all over her...

Even with the Benadryl the doctor recommended by this morning it had become so much worse...

(this one is first thing this morning)(this one is from the exam room this morning about 2 hours after she got up)

The doctor gave us three prescriptions...two for antihistamines and another for a steroid. The only reason for the steroid was b/c her little face was so swollen and b/c her hands & feet hurt so bad from the swelling. She hasn't really been able to walk much b/c her feet hurt so much. There are areas where the hives are starting to turn dark, almost like they are turning into bruises. The doctor said this was actually good b/c it meant those areas were healing.

There is nothing worse than seeing your babies sick and unhappy. I pray the medicines help her. When she is sick she never wants to eat anything - food, snacks, sweets or it's been a struggle there to get food in her. And it still may be at least two days before the rash is gone, but I just hope all the swelling goes away today or at the latest in the morning. It is so scary seeing her like this. I almost rushed her to the emergency room, but her tongue and mouth weren't swollen at all so I figured the drama of the ER wasn't really needed - don't want to scare her any more about going to the doctor than necessary.

Her files at the doctor's office and the pharmacy are all updated to read that she is allergic to Penacillin now, just like mine say. Mother said her reaction ended up being a lot worse than the reaction I had when I was about her age to the antibiotics. I am just thankful it is only on the outside & that her tongue, throat, etc didn't swell. And I guess it's good this happened when she was so young - can you imagine the drama of a teenage girl waking up with her face all red, blotchy & swollen?!?!? We'll have plenty other teenage drama without dealing with that one! LOL