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Fun day with friends!

We drove down to Pearland today to spend time with Sean, Alice, Connor & Brooke. It's been a couple of months since me and the kids have seen Alice and her kiddos - and even longer since the guys have seen one another - so we had a great day catching up, boiling crawfish and letting the kids play together! We hadn't seen their new house since they moved in either so it was great to be able to finally see their new home! I couldn't be more excited for them!!

Here's a few pics from the day - enjoy!! It's after midnight - I'm going to bed so I can get up for church!!

Emma reading to Addison

Emma has company over this morning! They've been swinging & playing with toys, now they've decided it's time to read!

Fruits of his labor

This is Michael's crop so far this week - two of Emma's favorites!! I am going to make a cucumber/tomato salad tonight to go with dinner. Mmmm!

I'm working on things over here!

I am working on transferring my domain name, which means in the meantime I cannot use it for anything...I am transferring it b/c I decided to go back to Blogger for a while (I think - until I know for sure I'll be maintaining both my blogger & wordpress sites) and for some reason the site I was using before wouldn't let me change my DNS to point my domain to my blogger site. I don't know what was going on there, but I coudn't get any assistance and decided they didn't need my business if they weren't going to help me out!

So...during this mess, please excuse things if my site goes up and down or if the links change! I'm at the mercy of the transfer process!!

Playing in the Backyard

It was pretty nice outside yesterday evening...after we cleaned up from dinner we all went in the backyard to play some & so Michael could water the garden & all his plants. Emma likes to help him get the tomatoes from the garden, too - okay really she likes to eat the tomatoes from the garden!! And yesterday Michael was showing her his cucumbers and she exclaimed, "Look - PICKLES!!" Ha Ha Ha!! She & Aaron had a good time swinging, too & at one point Emma hoisted herself up into Aaron's baby swing - I swear the girl can climb anything!! Enjoy the pics!

We went to a wedding last night...

and the kids had a blast!!

The adults had a great time, too (maybe Michael had too good of a time! hee hee), but the kids didn't get off the dance floor!! We got our workout hanging out with them!! And Aaron was an angel last night. He did not cry one time the entire time at the church or the reception. And he napped a couple times in all that noise! So glad he can sleep anywhere!

Emma, Katelynn & Jacob didn't sleep, though. They danced their hineys off!!

(Why do kids jump so much when they dance?)

This little guy came up and asked Katelynn to dance - it was so cute! He even asked Steven one time for permission!! LOL He tried to ask Emma, but she got embarrassed & hid behind my leg! Think I'll be lucky enough for that to happen when she's 15?!?!

Emma got to dance with her daddy more than I even did!! Aaron did dance a slow dance with me & Michael once - I gotta find out when the photographers post their pics b/c they got a couple of us dancing with Aaron that I …

Aaron's Album

Finally getting started...

One Tree Hill

Barbies get to swing!

Last Saturday at my parents' house Emma & Isabel decided that the Barbies deserved to relax a little and get to swing in the back yard!

Old McDonald's Farm

The Friday before Mother's Day Michael took off & we took the kids to Old MacDonald's Farm.I hadn't had a chance to post about it and then we had our allergy scare - so I'm finally getting to post the pics! Enjoy!
Emma had a blast! There were so many animals & she was able to touch & feed just about every one of them! This place is neat and would be fun for b'day parties - Emma's would be hard to have there, though b/c it's in December and it's so hard to predict the weather for an outdoor party. They do have huge nice pavilions, though.
Don't they look cute???

She is just recently brave enough to get this close to the animals to feed them...

All fears seemed to be gone & she was climbing in all their pens!!

Until the chicken decided to peck her finger, though!! She didn't like that! HA HA!

She also tried her hand at tether ball!

Aaron, of course, enjoyed the day from the comfort of his shaded stroller!

She & daddy took a train ride,…

Thumb v. Pacifier

There are pros & cons to each, but I think with Aaron we have a case of a thumbsucker! I even bought him new pacifiers when he started spitting out his soothies, but the new ones get spit out, too for want of a thumb!

Allergic Reaction - Update

Well, we're on day 2 of Emma's allergic reaction to her antibiotics and I have to say I was very scared. Actually, last night I slept with her sat up and watched her most of the night. Yesterday morning when she woke up she had red blotches all over her...

Even with the Benadryl the doctor recommended by this morning it had become so much worse...
(this one is first thing this morning)(this one is from the exam room this morning about 2 hours after she got up)
The doctor gave us three prescriptions...two for antihistamines and another for a steroid. The only reason for the steroid was b/c her little face was so swollen and b/c her hands & feet hurt so bad from the swelling. She hasn't really been able to walk much b/c her feet hurt so much. There are areas where the hives are starting to turn dark, almost like they are turning into bruises. The doctor said this was actually good b/c it meant those areas were healing.
There is nothing worse than seeing your babies sick and …

Drug Allergy

When I was about four years old I had an allergic reaction to Amoxicillin - I remember it, though vaguely & with a little help from mother - I had a severe rash, that was actually more like bruises all over & my joints didn't work. It was like they froze up or maybe they just hurt so I didn't walk - in either case, it wasn't pleasant.

Emma has taken Augemtin before for an ear infection and I don't remember her having a reaction. Last Thursday I took her to the doctor & she was given a prescription for it again (another ear infection). So, she's been taking it ever since without any problems, but this morning when I woke her up I found that she had a rash all over her. It isn't really raised - no bumps - more like red blotches all over her skin from her face, behind her ears, down her neck, chest and back and onto her legs. She doesn't seem to be bothered by it at all and isn't complaining of anything hurting. I immediately took pics of it and…

Announcing Aaron Michael

Well, better late than never! Poor 2nd baby - I don't have his baby book yet and his announcements are just now going out! Well, not even physically either - it's been so long I'm not sure what the proper etiquette is on mailing out late birth announcements so I am just going to post them online! He's still just as precious no matter his mother's fopaux!!

The best part of my mother's day...just being one!!

Watching Cartoons

Sable is under that boppy pillow, too!

Wordless Wednesday

Regular Life is Back, Only More Hectic

Well, today was my first day back in the office. It was easier than I thought it would be, but by the end of the day I was nearly climbing out the window, though b/c I was so ready to get home to my babies. Work wasn't too bad today as we just closed the quarter so it's a slow time - which is good b/c I can review everything that has been going on since I left now.
Aaron is growing so fast - I cannot believe he is already over two months old!!! And his big sister just loves him to death! I have to keep a watchful eye b/c she wants to hug & kiss on him all the time and I've caught her a couple of times trying to pick him up, too!! Oops! She does love him, though and I am so happy for that!

We had a good weekend together, too - even though Emma has been sick. She has had an ear infection in both ears - I think she is just about to get well, though...I hope. We were actually supposed to go out of town, but the weather said that there were supposed to be thunderstorms in Eas…

Climb High

Emma was still sick this morning, but by the afternoon was feeling
better so we went out for the afternoon. I think being outside
actually did her some good. Tonight she seems to be feeling better
still, but I'm going to continue her medicine for one more day to be