A full day

Saturday, April 17, 2010
We've been on the go all day. Cleaning, running errands, playing with friends...and now everyone is winding down. Emma has passed out on the couch and Carlton is fighting falling asleep!! He hung out with us tonight while his parents went out to dinner. I think they are on their way & if he would give in I think he would be asleep in about two seconds! LOL

Oh, his parents just called - yes, they will be here in about ten minutes. I'd take bets on him being passed out by the time they get here! Ha ha!

Last night we had a great dinner with friends - one of my former coworkers and his wife and two little boys. Emma has some new friends now and they are very close by so I see more play dates with them in the future. Their oldest son is just a couple months older than Emma and the other is younger by a little over a year. They all played so great together, though - they never stopped and laughed the whole time. I love having good friends close by like that.

Tomorrow after church we're going over to Jamie & Steven's house - Jamie's sister and her husband have a big announcement for everyone. They just found out whether they are having a boy or girl and wanted to tell everyone at the same time - I thought that was pretty cool!!!

I've also been working on a couple of my own projects today - one digital and one semi-digital! LOL - it'll make sense when I post my finished products! The semi-digital one may also be part of a gift, so I don't know if I'll share it right away on here...I know, I hate it when other people do teaser-posts, too. I'm sorry!!! I just haven't been crafty in so long (been pretty occupied) so I am excited that I've had the opportunity now!

I was talking to mother earlier and we were working on some dates for things and I realized that I only have two more weeks of maternity leave left. I really was a week behind in my head and thought I had three more weeks. I was so sad to find out that I was wrong. I can't believe it's already been 8 weeks. I know I don't want to be a stay at home mom full time, but it is hard to go back to work after being with my babies as much as I have been lately. It'll be easier a week or two after I go back to work, but that first week is going to be torture. I just know it is...at least it won't be a very busy time when I go back so I'll be able to leave work on time every day, too and hopefully it won't be as hard with the 2nd kid as it was with the first when it was time to go back to work.

(Carlton is still fighting it...poor baby, I know he is so tired!! Oh - and there is his mommy at the door!)