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Do I really have to go back to work!?!?

Well, this is my last week at home with my babies. On Monday I'll be going back to work again. It is going to be busier this time I think than when I had to leave my first-born, but it still won't be fun.

It's amazing how big Aaron is now - he is two months old now, but he is already over 16 pounds. At his two month check up he weighed 16lbs 6oz. Only 3.5lbs until he will be too big for his carrier. That being the case we went ahead and bought a booster seat for Emma b/c once Aaron hits 20lbs he'll inherit her car seat. She loves her new booster seat - it's a high-backed booster seat (the back will come off when she is big enough) and it's HOT PINK! That's the part she loves! LOL!

I'm already starting to see a difference in Aaron's personality compared to his sister - he likes to be outside just as much as she does, but he also likes to ride in the car and snuggle with mommy a lot more than her. When Emma was his age she wasn't a fan of being stra…

My Irises - I think they look like beatles!! LOL

I had such a blast tonight at Painting with a Twist! I think we are going to make this a monthly thing now!!

Snug as a Bug!

Roses in the front yard

A full day

We've been on the go all day. Cleaning, running errands, playing with friends...and now everyone is winding down. Emma has passed out on the couch and Carlton is fighting falling asleep!! He hung out with us tonight while his parents went out to dinner. I think they are on their way & if he would give in I think he would be asleep in about two seconds! LOL

Oh, his parents just called - yes, they will be here in about ten minutes. I'd take bets on him being passed out by the time they get here! Ha ha!

Last night we had a great dinner with friends - one of my former coworkers and his wife and two little boys. Emma has some new friends now and they are very close by so I see more play dates with them in the future. Their oldest son is just a couple months older than Emma and the other is younger by a little over a year. They all played so great together, though - they never stopped and laughed the whole time. I love having good friends close by like that.

Tomorrow after church w…

Aaron got a new swing!!

He's still a little small for it, though!

I love this picture of my babies laughing together!

Ready for a walk!

My Crying Babies

Aaron is getting so big! We met a 4 month old yesterday that is smaller than my big boy!! I just love those cheeks, though - I cannot keep from kissing them!

I had to take a video of him crying, too - I took one similar of Emma when she was the same age. They look so much alike, but Emma had way more hair than her brother and it was a lot darker, too. They both have the same good pipes, though!! LOL

In full bloom

Easter Weekend

Last weekend we took Aaron on his first road trip. Thursday Emma had an Easter Party at the babysitter's house & all the kids got Easter baskets and got to hunt Easter eggs - Emma is becoming a pro at hunting eggs. I think she's had about six egg hunts since last weekend!! After the Easter party was over with we headed home to get on the road. Aaron got to meet Grannie for the first time that evening - though he was sound asleep at their first meeting!! LOLI was excited to see Grannie myself - it had been a few months since I had seen her! She looked so great! Michael took Friday off so we had a nice long weekend & we had a great time. Michael went fishing and we rode the four-wheeler, (Aaron had his first ride on the four-wheeler)...We had another Easter egg hunt and got to dye Easter eggs...(we found old t-shirts for Emma & Kinley to wear to dye eggs - Emma patiently waited for us to get it all set up...)

Emma & Kinley had fun hunting the eggs & of course,…

I'm 6 Weeks Old Today

We are dying Easter eggs!!

See my braids??

Aaron finally meets Grannie!