The Zoo, A New Swing Set & Early Easter

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This wonderful weather we have been having has been amazing for getting outside and enjoying good times with family and friends!! Michael took off work Friday so that we could spend the day together with the kids - we took them to the zoo, which I think everyone else in Houston decided to do, too! We had a great time - it was so beautiful out and Emma had fun watching all the animals.

Aaron on the other hand  looked like this the entire time we were there - he had a good nap!! LOL

In the past when we've taken Emma to petting zoos she hasn't wanted anything to do with the animals - Friday though she seemed to have a change of heart. She even decided to brush a few of the animals.

Saturday we spent the day at home - Emma got a new swing set, which was finally finished being put together on Saturday, which she was thoroughly excited about!

Michael also did a lot of work outside in the yard - and that's where he'll be much of the time now that Spring is here!! And as much as she can Emma will be out there with him!

Sunday morning we went to church and afterwards we got together with Michael's side of the family for Easter. We had a good time - the kids had a great time hunting for Easter eggs, but I think the guys had more fun hiding the Easter eggs! They never really grow up, do they? Ha ha! Aaron didn't get into many of the pics as he was eating most of the time - I told you he is growing fast & it's b/c he doesn't stop eating! LOL

But I think the fishing game was as big a hit as the egg hunt - the kids played it all afternoon! Miss Katelynn was a natural fisher-woman!! Ha ha

Now it is back to our weekly schedule and I have a project to work on until I have to go back to work. We sold the old desk we had and got a different one and I am planning on working on our front room which has been used as office, craft room, & storage. Right now it is full of things we plan to put in our community garage sale in a couple weeks, so I can't get those things out of there, but I want to get everything that is staying organized and cleaned up. There is one wall that is a blank canvas right now. I would like to find either something to hang (mirror or artwork or pretty display board) and I need to decide if I want to paint it as well. The room is smaller than the other three bedrooms so I need to find a light color that will not make the room look any smaller and I would also like to add some sheers to the windows. I have another month before I have to return to work so I should have plenty of time to get it all finished by then. We'll see!!