Bottle Tops

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
I saw these yesterday in the store, but was leery about them. So many things that are "As see on TV" are useless...they look like a fabulous idea and they are reasonably priced, so you think - Why Not? Then you get it home and you realize it wasn't just inexpensive, it was just plain ole cheap and you slap your forehead b/c you fell for another stupid gimmick that someone smart came up with so THEY could make a buck off your gullibility!

I have to say, I've had a few forehead slap moments and I've also bought a few things that turned out to work pretty well. When I saw these yesterday I didn't buy them, but I did post them on my FB & Twitter and asked friends if any of them had bought them and what their experiences were with them - I got a couple positive answers so today I decided to spend the $10 and try them out. There are twelve in a package so you get a lot for your money, but I found they are also a good product. They actually work very well. They are washable and reusable, but I don't have delusions that they are going to last forever - so, that's why I'm glad there are 12 in a package and I think if I get down to six of them for whatever reason it would be worth it to buy another package.

They work just like they say they do. One of my guilty pleasures is coke - regular coke really cold in a can - I try not to indulge too much and with these I could open one, drink half, put it back in the fridge and have the other half the next day. We don't give Emma cokes, but other drinks come in cans that we do get for her and these would be a great way for her to drink those without spilling them and if she doesn't finish them we can close them and save them for later instead of wasting them.

So - these are pretty cool! I hadn't seen them on TV, so I'm glad I ran across them in the store!