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The Zoo, A New Swing Set & Early Easter

This wonderful weather we have been having has been amazing for getting outside and enjoying good times with family and friends!! Michael took off work Friday so that we could spend the day together with the kids - we took them to the zoo, which I think everyone else in Houston decided to do, too! We had a great time - it was so beautiful out and Emma had fun watching all the animals.
Aaron on the other hand  looked like this the entire time we were there - he had a good nap!! LOL

In the past when we've taken Emma to petting zoos she hasn't wanted anything to do with the animals - Friday though she seemed to have a change of heart. She even decided to brush a few of the animals.

Saturday we spent the day at home - Emma got a new swing set, which was finally finished being put together on Saturday, which she was thoroughly excited about!
Michael also did a lot of work outside in the yard - and that's where he'll be much of the time now that Spring is here!! And as much as…

It's finished & the kids are playing!

Bottle Tops

I saw these yesterday in the store, but was leery about them. So many things that are "As see on TV" are useless...they look like a fabulous idea and they are reasonably priced, so you think - Why Not? Then you get it home and you realize it wasn't just inexpensive, it was just plain ole cheap and you slap your forehead b/c you fell for another stupid gimmick that someone smart came up with so THEY could make a buck off your gullibility!

I have to say, I've had a few forehead slap moments and I've also bought a few things that turned out to work pretty well. When I saw these yesterday I didn't buy them, but I did post them on my FB & Twitter and asked friends if any of them had bought them and what their experiences were with them - I got a couple positive answers so today I decided to spend the $10 and try them out. There are twelve in a package so you get a lot for your money, but I found they are also a good product. They actually work very well. They a…

My baby brother is one month old!

She is going to play soccer...

Daddy may not be a fan, he may want her to play softball instead, but I think it's inevitable that Emma is going to want to play soccer when she is old enough! Every time she gets her hands on a ball she wants to kick it and "play soccer" with whoever is around! Today it was with Teta.

This was mine from 3rd grade ballet.

Check out those Cheeks!

My growing boy!


Emma's First Dippin' Dots

Aaron & Brooke

Might I get more sleep tonight??

Aaron is staying up a lot more today  - I hope that means that tonight he'll sleep more! Don't want to jinx it, but hopefully that means he might get his days & nights straightened out! I got more sleep last night than the night before, but am still so sleep deprived. I really wanted to nap today to try to catch up on sleep lost, but with Aaron being up so much that hasn't been possible, yet - though I must say I'll sacrifice napping today for a better night's sleep tonight!! Here's to hoping!

Other than his days & nights being a little backwards, Aaron Michael is doing very well. His shoulder isn't giving him any problems at all - at his check up on Monday the pediatrician even said she wasn't worried at all about his shoulder. He also weighed 9lbs 6oz at his check up. Almost a pound more than his birth weight - the doctor was pleased with that, too. He's a good eater, what can I say!! He has had a couple bad episodes of gas, but nothing som…

Sporting a sweater vest for church

My son is so handsome

Mmmm...drop biscuits for breakfast!

She's got his green thumb!

Emma loves being outside and this beautiful weather is perfect to be outside! Her daddy loves the great weather, too b/c he spends all his time outside planting & taking care of all his plants & his garden - and Emma is right there with him! She got her own set of gardening tools last year for Easter and she helped him plant a lot this year. She planted "blue seeds" (pot of bluebonnets) and a "BIG seed" (seed from one of Michael's female palms) in the picture above. You have to help her water them, though b/c she tends to drowned them! LOL! I'm really glad she enjoys it, too.
She tends to get some preferential treatment, too from daddy!! Ha ha! Hey - can I get a ride, too???

Happy Birthday Teta

Emma got Teta flowers for her b'day and apple pie (sugar free just for