Scary event...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
I never thought it could happen, but Emma pulled her chest of drawers down on top of her Thursday night. It was the scariest thing ever for me. I told her to go get her pj's so we could get ready for bed...she ran off to her room then I heard a loud crash and she started screaming. I jumped up and ran in there and she was sitting in the middle of the room with her legs stretched out in front of her, two of the drawers sitting on her legs. I rushed over and set the chest upright and pulled the two drawers off her legs - I was so scared I was going to reveal two broken legs, but she was fine. She had the tiniest cut on one of her fingers, probably from her piggy bank. It was on top of the chest and full of money, mostly change so it was very heavy - it was laying shattered right next to her - I can't believe it didn't hit her, but I figured that's where the cut came from. Once I assessed that she was alright I couldn't stop crying and holding her, then I wanted to spank her little hiney till my hand fell off b/c we've talked about climbing over and over and over and over again.

I've tested out the sturdiness of her chest of drawers and it is so solid I really thought it would be very hard for her to pull it over, but after this I know better. I've ordered some wall brackets to put on it now and hopefully they'll be here soon. We will not take another chance like that - I can't believe it didn't put me into labor I was so scared - running around pulling furniture up like it was nothing and like I wasn't pregnant!
Not only did the piggy bank break, though - the drawers themselves suffered some casualties. Three of the five drawers came out of the chest. The brackets that were on the chest were the kind that weren't supposed to allow the drawers to slide out w/out clicking a little latch - child safety and all that. But the brackets didn't hold up - I don't know if it was the force of them falling forward or what, but we had to buy new brackets for three of the drawers and Michael replaced them - they actually slide smoother now too, to be honest.

I think - hope - it scared Emma enough, too so that she doesn't try to do that again. She kept saying "I ask Mommy & Daddy for help next time..." meaning instead of climbing to get something from a top drawer she would ask us to get it for her. BUT then yesterday she came to me with something that was on top of her chest of drawers and when I asked how she got it she told me that she moved her chair (from her little table/chair set) over and stood on top of it. Well, that didn't make me exactly thrilled, but it was a heck of a lot better than pulling out the drawers to stand in them. We're working on a strict "no-climbing" policy going forward, though. I swear she is part monkey b/c she climbs on everything!! I wasn't thinking about it until mother pointed it out, but we're also going to have to make sure she doesn't try to climb into the crib with her little brother when he gets here!! She is going to make me age if she keeps this up!

I am just so thankful that God was watching out for my baby and took care of her!!