Thursday, February 11, 2010

REPOST: Because I can't watch it enough

I love this video clip - every time I watch it I crack up and just want to scoop my baby girl up and squeeze her!!

[flickr video=4178246619 show_info=true w=195 h=260]

"That fish ate that worm!?!"


  1. Ok now that is funny! Too cute!!!!

  2. hehehe This just made my Friday morning even better!

    Here's a cute one: Yesterday my SIL took my nephew to get a booster shot. After they got back in the car, he pointed to his thigh, and said, "She squirt me in the leg!" He'll be 3 in June. I have no idea if he KNOWS the word squirt, or if the nurse maybe told him that... but it's cute either way!


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