Pregnancy Progress

Thursday, February 18, 2010
None. Zilch. Nada. Nil. Zero.

(N's and Z's - interesting!!!)

So, yesterday at my appointment my doc tells me I still haven't made any more progress. This little boy is going to be more stubborn than his big sister and his daddy combined - Lord please help me! Instead of waiting another week for my next appointment she told me to come in Monday and we're going to do an ultrasound - just to make sure everything is looking alright and on track for the time table we have - fluid levels, size, etc. At least I know I'll get to see him Monday for sure even if it is just on a monitor!!

I'm still having a lot of contractions, but never really more than a couple in an hour and they aren't the kind that I have to huff & puff, through like a real labor contraction would be. I'm still at 1cm and about 50% effaced at this point and he hasn't dropped at all.

If I don't deliver by my due date my doctor said she would let me go about a week passed before she thought it would be time to induce - which would be kinda cool actually b/c that would be March 2nd and that is my mother's birthday! How neat would that be? Though - he still could come on his own - he could even hit my SIL's b'day, which is February 24th. I wouldn't mind avoiding pitocin b/c that just means terrible labor pains - ugh! Even though I wasn't induced with Emma I had to have some b/c she wasn't progressing either after my water broke and it made the pain nearly unbearable...I don't want to go that route if at all possible, thankyouverymuch!!!!

So, now we continue to wait. We STILL don't have his curtains up (which was the same with Emma - that was the last thing we did and they weren't up when she arrived). I bought the curtain rod last week so maybe I can get it up tonight. Maybe that's all he is waiting on! Ha ha!

Every day when I come into the office people look at me & say something like, "You're still here..." or "He is just taking his time isn't he?" - I think it's b/c in these last couple of weeks my belleh has really just shot out - I need to take an updated picture.

La de da...patience!!