No, I didn't go into labor...

Tuesday, February 09, 2010
I took the day off  b/c my nephew drove down from Dallas to fix our heater today - my boss emailed me she had to keep telling people, "No, she isn't in labor!!" LOL! Funny b/c I figured that would happen! I wouldn't mind if that had been the real reason I wasn't at work, though.

This past week has been such a pain dealing with this heater. I don't know what we would have done this week w/out our amazing family - my parents brought over space heaters, which has kept our room nice and toasty - Emma has been sleeping with us this week, too so she'll be warm at night, too. We had a technician come out to see about it when it first started acting up, but he didn't know what he was doing obviously b/c he said there was nothing wrong with it...that it was a problem with the circuit board and when we reset it (like my brother had told me to do on the phone) it must have fixed the problem. He was so wrong - b/c the next day it was out again - thankfully I have another friend here in Houston that owns an AC  business and he came out late one night to check it out for us. He knew immediately what the problem was - the the motor was going out on our blower. He said it could go out at any my brother drove up after that and replaced the motor for us. He said he knew immediately that it was going out when he looked at it - made me so angry that the technician didn't have a clue what he was doing.

After he replaced the motor, though it still wasn't working for some reason and this time he didn't have the part that needed replacing. It was something that Michael could replace so yesterday he stopped to get one on the way home and of course, the AC supply place didn't have any in stock. I was talking to my brother about it and he also suggested talking to my nephew, his son. When I did my nephew said he was going to be off today and would rather just drive down today and check it out himself and fix it for I said, we have an amazing family and don't know what we would do without them.

So, I took the day off and he drove down this morning - he had it all fixed (it wasn't that part that needed replacing) in a matter of fifteen minutes!!!! He's pretty smart like that! I think we are going to start having someone come check out our system every year now (should have been doing that to begin with), but I won't let them make any repairs or replacements w/out talking to my brother or nephew first. After that technician came out and didn't know the first thing of what he was doing I don't know if I'll let anyone but my brother or nephew or my friend that came out do a thing to our system for fear they'll do more harm than good just get money out of us.

I am so glad my nephew came down b/c our plan was to replace the part Michael stopped to buy - it was actually a good thing it wasn't in stock b/c we would have replaced it only to find that our system still wasn't working. I just wanted to cry when Michael told me they didn't have it, but turns out that was the best thing that could have happened. I've just been so sick of dealing with this issue - I was scared I was going to bring a newborn home to a cold house, though I know we could have stayed at my parents' house if that had happened, but I just wanted it fixed. And now it is!!!